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Sell on Instagram by tagging products in your posts & stories.

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Special J Creations

Like many others (and it would seem the majority of others here). I have had no luck. I followed directions perfectly. I was approved for my Facebook shop which I only made so that I could turn on Instagram shopping. Within a minute I received notice that my shop is "not eligible" for Instagram shopping. I am an artist in a one person, tiny company. I built my website myself and work very, very hard at what I do. This feels completely arbitrary - and similar to the disheartening rejection of not being given the opportunity to use the "swipe up" feature in Instagram. I have over 5k in Instagram followers and feel that much of my business is generated there so I am reluctant to leave - even though I am so upset that I really want to. I have tried uninstalling both apps, switching from business, back to personal and back to business again. I have chatted with Shopify tech support and they can not figure it out either. It was very kind of the person to actually look into it for me as I know that it is more to do with Instagram than with Shopify. I have been at it for a week now and it is extremely frustrating so I think they were being kind. I was coming off such a high, too, finally building my own site, having my own URL. This was the last little bit of magic that I was trying to add to my business and part of the reason that I invested in Shopify. I am feeling terribly, terribly deflated over this. It absolutely took the wind out of my sails. I am feeling at a loss of what to do and as if there is no one out there to help me out. Maybe if others keep reporting their experience something will be done.

Studio Karlien De Villiers

Frustrating experience. Shop denied by Instagram for no reason, even though my Facebook Shop was instantly approved and my business (selling original artworks that I have made) complies with all criteria for selling on Instagram. One of my MAIN reasons for using Shopify is to integrate with Instagram and have clickable, shoppable posts directly in my Instagram posts. Why do you advertise an Instagram-Shopping integration service if it is denied for no reason, and does not seem to work for the majority of Shopify users?

Indio Collective

Am I seriously having this problem now?

I have tried all week to connect my store. NOTHING

Planner Perfect

Denied the sales channel for no reason.

Diamond Head Aloha

Significant issues with facebook catalog integration makes this unusable. Facebook recognizes shopify as a completely different entity and does not allow you to assign admin rights. Subsequently, your shopify catalog will not appear in instagram to create product tag-able posts.

Figure it out Facebook/Instagram - pathetic attempt at integration.

Asian Fanmale

very little support......looks like more Facebook Crap.....just stealing more money from people

Mountain Primal

We were denied within minutes. We looked through the terms and cannot find a listed item that would have caused the denial. Instagram has no appeals process so good luck rolling the dice.


Same 1 star becuase of being instant denied for no reason. My shop has met all the requirements. Facebook you need to fix your stupid algorithm that auto approve/disapprove shops. Instagram has so many new problems now after it was bought by Facebook.


met all the requirements but still denied for no reason and there is no way to appeal, i know it is not only to do with shopify, it is a third party app but still shopify should of handle it better since they cooperate with instagram

Bullenbeisser Dog

Denied Denied Denied...this is my LIVELIHOOD! FIX IT and stop screwing around.

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