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Sell on Instagram by tagging products in your posts & stories.

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STASH by Lee Stanton

Was denied product tagging, how can I contact Instagram to find out why?There is no contact information anywhere

Developer reply

June 11, 2019

Thanks for sharing your feedback! Currently the best way to get in contact with Instagram regarding profile eligibility is by using the "report a problem" option within the app itself. I’ve sent out to an email to you to help further incase there are any other steps we should consider! - JP, Shopify Support

The Art Cave Creations

*UPDATE* I got in touch with Facebook via support chat and they were very helpful in resolving the matter, my Instagram product tagging was up and running within a few days. Giving it 3 stars because even though it works now and I enjoy using it, it was a massive faff to get there.

My shop keeps getting rejected and I have no idea why. Instagram are completely useless in resolving this matter as they will not get back in touch with me. Really disappointed as product tagging is one of the main reasons I chose Shopify and would be huge for my business.

Developer reply

June 5, 2019

Thank you for providing this feedback, it is much appreciated! As you know, Shopify doesn't have control over product eligibility, and ultimately this decision is made by Instagram. I'm so glad you were able to get it resolved with Facebook as that is the only avenue to get a clear answer on why you were not approved in the first place.

That said, our team works hard to improve our app functionality and would like to get any additional feedback you may have. I’ve reached out to you via email, hope to hear from you soon!

- Alex, Shopify Support

Spotted By Humphrey

I love the integration between Shopify and Instagram as I use Instagram for my marketing. However, there seems to be a bug where my products keep getting rejected. I am an online dog accessories boutique and sell dog collars, clothing, etc. Nothing that would be offensive or violate Instagram's policy. When I release new products it frequently gets rejected automatically which means I can't tag those products on my Instagram posts or stories, until I file a report manually every single time. If this could be fixed it would be great.


A brilliant app with lots of traffic and sales. The only annoying downfall is the lack of ANY communication from Facebook when they reject a product that has been incorrectly rejected for the wrong reasons. Which affects my tagging products and thus sales.
I wish shopify and Instagram worked independently without having to have a Facebook shop.
I would then rate this app 100/10.

Humble Gents Social Club

After 6 months I’ve final got this app to work there’s detailed instructions in older reviews that show you how to do it. When trying to get accepted DONT TRY AND REFRESH the page where it says your store is under review
I have to say that normally Shopify are very helpful but not on this occasion just a stock response “it’s not us it’s instagram “ just isn’t good enough
Now the app is installed it’s very easy to use

O&Ds Virgin Hair Collection

Overall I like the app but I went to my page to see if things were going as planned, I didn't get redirected to my store at all. Now it seems like I have to add the app all over again. I don't like that

Architectural Decor

Not easy to install, as another poster below says, search these reviews for one by Vinyl Decal Shop that gives step by step guide to getting it to work. Shopify verified us in under 12 hours.

Thanks Vinyl Decal Shop

Vinyl Decal Shop Inc

I followed these instructions and finally got approved. My facebook shop was listed under a "Service" which Instagram doesn't allow, so I'm wondering if that is why I kept getting denied. I changed both instagram and facebook to Ecommerce Website and I got approved. Still not giving it 5 stars because Instagram has 0 support. This is not Shopifys fault.

1. Remove the Instagram channel from Shopify and clear your caches as well as browsing history;
2. Unlink the connection between your Facebook and Instagram pages in the Instagram app;
3. Switch back to a personal account in the Instagram app;
4. Delete the Instagram app and reinstall;
5. Log back into Instagram;
6. Do not relink your Facebook page and do not switch back to a business profile;
7. Go to your Facebook business page and disconnect the Instagram account from your settings;
8. Go to your business page on Facebook and under the settings tab, make sure your not a service(we used commerce website), reconnect your Instagram account to Facebook;
9. Follow the prompt to switch your Instagram account to a business account;
10. Once everything is connected, go back to Shopify and install the Instagram sales channel; and We were approved the next morning

--End Update--

Tangerine Wall

Es una magnífica aplicación pero he dedicado muchas horas a configurar mi cuenta de Facebook, en la que ya tenía tienda, para que Instagram la aceptase. Hay que sincronizar Shopify con el nuevo pixel que genera tu catálogo, cambiar las restricciones a los países... y todo esto debía explicarlo Shopify en una información paso por paso.
Por cierto, si cuando la instalas sale una interrogación en Facebook donde debería estar tu logo, no te la aceptará.

Goody Go Bags

When I first installed the app, I received this message:

"Your store isn’t eligible for Instagram product tagging.
Instagram reviewed your store and decided that it’s not currently eligible for Instagram product tagging. View Instagram’s commerce policy or contact Instagram to learn more." -- with a link to "View Instagram's Commerce Policy".

I clicked the link, which took me to a FB site. By the time I finished skimming through that info (a couple minutes?), the message had changed to:

"Instagram is reviewing your store.
It usually takes a few days to hear back. Some stores are reviewed in more detail and take longer."

My Instagram account is brand new, with just one post, but my FB page is well-established. It seems possible that there's a backlog due to recent publicity AND that accounts might be automatically prohibited...until they're not??? I'll adjust my ratings depending on things for from here.

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