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Sell on Instagram by tagging products in your posts & stories.

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Ayah Collective

I'VE SOLVED IT! I finally got my Instagram product tagging to work and guess what? I didn't use this trash app at all. I have written a step by step instruction guide for my fellow shopifiers here:

Hopefully this helps and you're able to get instagram product tagging for your business! Shout out to grumble grumble for the shopping & retail tip. It looks like that was the final issue.

Vinyl Decal Shop Inc

I followed these instructions and finally got approved. My facebook shop was listed under a "Service" which Instagram doesn't allow, so I'm wondering if that is why I kept getting denied. I changed both instagram and facebook to Ecommerce Website and I got approved. Still not giving it 5 stars because Instagram has 0 support. This is not Shopifys fault.

1. Remove the Instagram channel from Shopify and clear your caches as well as browsing history;
2. Unlink the connection between your Facebook and Instagram pages in the Instagram app;
3. Switch back to a personal account in the Instagram app;
4. Delete the Instagram app and reinstall;
5. Log back into Instagram;
6. Do not relink your Facebook page and do not switch back to a business profile;
7. Go to your Facebook business page and disconnect the Instagram account from your settings;
8. Go to your business page on Facebook and under the settings tab, make sure your not a service(we used commerce website), reconnect your Instagram account to Facebook;
9. Follow the prompt to switch your Instagram account to a business account;
10. Once everything is connected, go back to Shopify and install the Instagram sales channel; and We were approved the next morning

--End Update--

Ella and Milk

hi guys ! please read this carefully

i have tired everything i could but the end i have disapproved my business to sell on Instagram and i have struggled to appeal and didn't worked anything, a guy called shanjoel ,he did the magic for me and get my business approved to sell on Instagram i'm now tagging products on my Instagram.

@TYPICAL_AGENCY this is his instagram account if you need him please contact him he will help you

i'm 100% recommend him

Golden Hill Studio

To all of the Shopify stores scratching their heads [like we did] wondering why they can't tag their products after installing the Instagram Sales Channel... follow these steps. Make sure your business and account setup fulfills the following requirements:

1. Your business must sell physical goods that comply with their merchant agreement and commerce policies [check]

2. You Instagram account must be converted into a Business Profile [check]

3. Your Business Profile must be connected to a Facebook Catalog. This can be created and managed on Business Manager, through Shopify or BigCommerce platforms or directly on your Business's Page on Facebook. [check]

Now, if it's still not working, go to and click "Additional Support". Choose an option and then you'll see a Chat with Representative button. The approval process should go much faster once you start communicating directly with them. Also, make sure you ask them to convert your Facebook Ads Manager account to a business/corporate account, not a personal account. I believe that was also a factor.

That Clarity Co

I have managed to create 9 products, written two books, design my website and everything else that comes along with setting up a business. Yet THE most stressful thing is the fact that Instagram keeps instantly declining my ability to product tag, despite meeting ALL of the guidelines and standards. My Facebook store was approved without issue. It isn't even reviewed it just instantly declined.

Only option is to "report a problem" through the app, which I have done on approximately 20 occasions now. I have tried reinstalling, reconnecting. emptying cache etc etc etc. No appeal process, no answers and Instagram is a sales channel I have built for years now and contains most of my followers. This is causing major problems since the launch and the fact that there is just no process from here is just disgraceful and unacceptable. I can see that I am by far the only one experiencing this exact issue!!!!! For clever people, not setting up appropriate processes when issues like this occur, baffles me beyond belief!

Sow Exotic

We've been trying to sell on Instagram for months but continuously get denied, despite selling the same products already on Facebook. There are other shops offering the same and similar products on Instagram. We've written dozens of emails to Instagram asking why we have been denied and how/if we can utilize this but the company will not communicate with us. We would really love to use this feature. If someone at Instagram reads this, please help us out!

ThisBlueBird - Modern Vintage

First... We've been using this channel since it was launched and we definitely get sales from Instagram, actually more from IG than from Facebook or Pinterest. 95% of the time we have had no issues. Within 10 min or so after adding a new product, it is available to tag on IG. If we had one request, it would be for IG to make it easier to search for the item when tagging on the IG App, but that has nothing to do with this channel or Shopify.

Second.... All of the issues that people complain about in these reviews are actually Facebook problems. Yes, that's right, Facebook, not Shopify. The only thing this app does is automatically feed your product data for you so you don't have to do it the hard way by uploading CSV files to Facebook Business Manager. If your products are being rejected by FB, it's not because of an issue with this Shopify app. FB owns Instagram so anything advertised on IG is subject to FB advertising rules, and the FB automated system for reviewing products and flagging violations is kind of a mess.

At first you could report the violations for review and they would get fixed within a couple days. Then FB turned off the ability to report through the app for a while. (BTW, all the info you see on the FB and IG channel screens through the Shopify dashboard is supplied and controlled by FB and they change it whenever they want.). During the reporting blackout phase we resorted to contacting them through the Biz Support page on FB, and got a chat session with someone who escalated the wrong violation flags and he got them fixed. Not gonna lie, it took weeks of pestering FB through all available contact methods and a few chat sessions, but it was eventually fixed. Then about 8 months later it started happening again, but only for a few products, and by then they had turned on the request review feature again. Although, we still had to open a new chat to get it fixed. Even the FB support people have acknowledged that the automated system is the issue and things are often mis-categorized. This isn't really surprising considering the volume of products it has to review and potentially reject.

The point is, if you are having trouble getting your products approved, as long as they are not legitimately violating the FB ad policy (which is outlined here:, start by contacting FB Business support. Go to this page, scroll down, click the Get Started button next to contact support. . You will have to have a legit FB biz page for your business, and you'll probably be asked to prove you are the owner/admin of the biz. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get someone to help you because some of the groups will say they don't support "tagging" issues. You have to get to the right area of FB biz support.

Also, here's another trick we learned the hard way. If you ever have an issue where new products are not feeding to FB/IG and it's been a day or so, contact Shopify first and ask them to refresh the feed, it will usually start the flow again. Do not disconnect the FB channel and reconnect it. That means FB will have to review all of your products over again and that takes a long time.

Gingham Girls Candle Co

This was one of the reasons I purchased Shopify - to tag products in Instagram. It tells me my shop isn't eligible. I have tried numerous times over numerous months to get support from Instagram and heard....not a peep.


Instagram declines by telling me goods are not allowed for sale. I'm selling clothing and shoes. Very strange. There is no way for an appeal. Shopify should clear things with Instagram before offering the app. Instagram product tagging is an important factor why people choose Shopify over other products.

Blaque & Diamond Wear

My Products do not violate the terms but I keep getting denied product tagging for my store but I am approved for facebook and cant reach anyone to find out why.

Developer reply

September 26, 2019

Thank you for providing your feedback to us and I'm sorry to hear that you've had this issue. This is something that unfortunately affects a number of merchants wanting to make use of Instagram's product tagging feature, and rarely is a clear reason given for denial of the service. It's also quite common for a merchant to be approved for Facebook but not Instagram.

Whilst we aren't able to directly troubleshoot this problem for you, we have heard of some potential workarounds that other merchants have had some luck with, so I will be sending you an email shortly with details listed there. -Victor, Shopify Support

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