Instagram channel

Instagram channel

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Sell on Instagram by tagging products in your posts & stories.

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Tag your posts & stories

Let people discover your products while they browse their Instagram feed.

Sell on Instagram

Let customers check out from your posts & stories without leaving Instagram.

Highlight your shoppable posts

Add a shop tab to your profile and let shoppers browse your tagged products.

Om Instagram channel

Sell on Instagram

Give shoppers a way to buy from your store on Instagram by tagging products in your photos. Use the Instagram channel to connect your Facebook products to your Instagram account. Tag up to 5 products per photo and let customers check out without leaving Instagram. Once you’ve tagged products in 9 posts, a shop tab will show up on your profile that lets shoppers browse your shoppable posts—all in one place. You can also choose to further the reach of your tagged posts using Instagram's sponsored post ads.

With Shopify and the Instagram channel, you can:

  • add Instagram product tagging to your Instagram business profile
  • connect your store’s Facebook product catalog to your Instagram business profile
  • add shopping tags to your posts & stories and let customers purchase from your online store without leaving Instagram.
  • fulfill orders placed on Instagram

Eligibility requirements

To use the Instagram channel, you need to:

  • have the Facebook channel
  • be an admin for a Facebook Page approved to sell on Facebook
  • have the online store channel
  • have an Instagram business profile
  • be located in one of the eligible countries





1.4 af 5 stjerner

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Seneste anmeldelser

Swiatlo Design

US based client here- I went through the painstaking long process of switching my entire website from weebly to shopify, FOR THIS reason- I wanted an instagram store. I fit ALL the requirements, my developer has even tried to fix this, we can't seem to do it. WHY pay for shopify if we cannot avail all features? Facebook connected instantly, but instagram won't? if we cannot get traffic to the website how can anyone actually shop?


Hello, I hope you can help me, I add the sale channel facebook seen to approved very quick, I been waiting for Instagram to approved the account over a week now, I wonder is that anything you can help me with it, I unable to find anything. Thanks in advance


In Indonesia, this feature is still not available, when it will available? Please give us an explanation..

Udviklerens svar

24. august 2020

Thank you for leaving your review. At this time, business eligibility for product tagging is actually determined directly by Instagram itself not Shopify. I'll be sending you a follow up email with additional information shortly. - Veena, Shopify Support