Instagram channel

Instagram channel

作成: Shopify

Sell on Instagram by tagging products in your posts & stories.

Tag your posts & stories

Let people discover your products while they browse their Instagram feed.

Sell on Instagram

Let customers check out from your posts & stories without leaving Instagram.

Highlight your shoppable posts

Add a shop tab to your profile and let shoppers browse your tagged products.

Instagram channelの詳細情報

Sell on Instagram

Give shoppers a way to buy from your store on Instagram by tagging products in your photos. Use the Instagram channel to connect your Facebook products to your Instagram account. Tag up to 5 products per photo and let customers check out without leaving Instagram. Once you’ve tagged products in 9 posts, a shop tab will show up on your profile that lets shoppers browse your shoppable posts—all in one place. You can also choose to further the reach of your tagged posts using Instagram's sponsored post ads.

With Shopify and the Instagram channel, you can:

  • add Instagram product tagging to your Instagram business profile
  • connect your store’s Facebook product catalog to your Instagram business profile
  • add shopping tags to your posts & stories and let customers purchase from your online store without leaving Instagram.
  • fulfill orders placed on Instagram

Eligibility requirements

To use the Instagram channel, you need to:

  • have the Facebook channel
  • be an admin for a Facebook Page approved to sell on Facebook
  • have the online store channel
  • have an Instagram business profile
  • be located in one of the eligible countries





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Lila Charm

Worst customer service ever. All in an attempt to be able to tag my products in IG. You would think I was asking Shopify and IG to solve COVID-19. Utterly disappointed.

Wilkie’s Outfitters

It has taken over a week for IG to approve this app and product tagging. We see that it sometimes takes a while for IG to approve a store channel. Is there an expert that can review our store and ensure we have done everything correctly to encourage approval of the channel? Thank you!


Instagram will not approve my store for product tagging but I am able to do product tagging in facebook. I don't understand why and there is no one to contact and no one will resolve this issue and I see that I am not the only one with this problem.



Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I'm afraid Shopify has no say in which stores Instagram does or does not approve for product tagging on their own platform. That said, since you're able to sell on Facebook this may be a mistake as sometimes these are flagged using automated systems.

Your best bet here will be to contact Instagram about the issue and try to appeal that decision. The easiest way to do this is by navigating in your Instagram app to Settings > Help > Report a problem, and submitting a request there. Hope that helps! - Brie, Shopify Support