InstaIndex: IndexNow for Bing

InstaIndex: IndexNow for Bing

Built for Shopify
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Instantly notify Bing and other IndexNow search engines for real-time indexing in AI searches.

InstaIndex uses the IndexNow protocol to automatically notify search engines like Bing and Yandex when you create or update a product or collection, ensuring your products or promotions are promptly available in AI-powered search experiences like Bing Chat and ChatGPT. Instead of waiting for search engines to find updates, use InstaIndex to prompt bots to crawl, index, and reflect changes in real time. Install InstaIndex today to make your products immediately discoverable in AI searches.

InstaIndex uses the IndexNow protocol to automatically notify search engines like Bing and Yandex when you create or update a product or collection, ensuring your products or promotions are promptly available in AI-powered search experiences like Bing Chat and ChatGPT. Instead of waiting for search engines to find updates, use InstaIndex to prompt bots to crawl, index, and reflect changes in real time. Install InstaIndex today to make your products immediately discoverable in AI searches. enemmän
  • Developed and maintained with official support from Bing.
  • Automatically integrates with Bing and other IndexNow-powered search engines.
  • Meaningful submissions allows you to only submit updates that matter for SEO.
  • Unlimited daily submissions; webmaster limits don't apply to IndexNow.
  • Install, subscribe, and forget about submitting URLs manually.
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1. maaliskuu 2024



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IndexNow, Yandex, Microsoft Bing, Naver,




  • Unlimited manual submissions
  • Single-click submissions from Shopify
  • Standard customer support


$9 /kuukausi

tai $90/vuosi ja säästä 17 %

10,000 auto-submissions per month

  • Free plus:
  • Auto-submissions for products & collections
  • Bulk submit action for products
  • Premium customer support


$19 /kuukausi

tai $190/vuosi ja säästä 17 %

100,000 auto-submissions per month

  • Lite plus:
  • Auto-submissions for pages, & articles
  • Shopify Markets support (3 markets) - Coming soon
  • Premium customer support


$59 /kuukausi

tai $590/vuosi ja säästä 17 %

1,000,000 auto-submissions per month

  • Premium plus:
  • Higher auto-submission limit
  • Shopify Markets support (50 markets) - Coming soon
  • Premium customer support

Kaikki maksut laskutetaan valuutassa USD. Toistuvat ja käyttöperusteiset maksut laskutetaan 30 päivän välein.

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14. kesäkuu 2024

For me was important to find a tool for indexing in other search engines exception google. Here is it and i am very happy about.
The support is very quick and friendly. and helpful. I am recommending this tool to everybody. Best Norbert

AutAll & Victoria's Laden
3 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä vastasi 17. kesäkuu 2024

Thank you for sharing your experience, Norbert. We're thrilled to hear that our app meets your indexing needs. Your recommendation means a lot to us.

Muokattu 6. heinäkuu 2024

RAJ was very helpful in redeveloping the application. He provided information about things we lacked knowledge on. The application is now running smoothly. We are currently testing the application, and it will take 3-4 months to see effective results. I will provide another update after 3-4 months. I really thank RAJ very much.
I installed this app with great enthusiasm to integrate with the Bing search engine and make our products easier to find. However, I installed the app on May 24th, submitted 2,500 links, and haven't received a single bit of traffic yet. It's unbelievable, right? Not even one. This app is truly useless, folks. It's just a waste of space on your website.

Lady Ros
Noin kuukausi sovelluksen käyttöä vastasi 13. kesäkuu 2024

Thank you, Ece, for your update! We really appreciate your feedback and are glad we were able to help you. We are always here to support you.


Original response:
Thank you for your feedback and for using InstaIndex. We apologize for the delay in our response, as Shopify reviews can take a few days to be published, and we were not aware of your feedback until it was live.

We understand your enthusiasm for getting your products ranked on Bing and driving traffic. To help with this, our app is designed to notify search engines about changes on your store, reducing the time it takes for them to become aware of new URLs or updates such as content improvements for SEO or price adjustments.

However, it's important to note that InstaIndex does not directly influence the indexing or ranking of your store pages. Our function is to notify search engines promptly, and it is at the sole discretion of the search engines to crawl, index, and rank your pages.

We reviewed your submission logs and noticed that you submitted 2,500 URLs in a single manual submission about 20 days ago. If these URLs were submitted without any changes, such as bulk pricing adjustments or content updates, this would violate IndexNow guidelines and be considered misuse of the protocol. As an official Bing partner, we do not support this and provide multiple warnings in our app before you reach the manual submission page.

The IndexNow protocol is a combined effort of multiple search engines to help site owners notify them about changes on their site, reducing the need for regular sitemap crawls and making the indexing process more efficient. Once a URL is submitted, it is up to the search engines to decide whether to crawl, index, and rank that page. IndexNow simply reduces the time between changes on your site and when search engines become aware of them.

For any further questions or issues, please get in touch with us directly at We're here to help.

Muokattu 8. heinäkuu 2024

Great customer service. Helpful to index products fast on Bing.

21 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä vastasi 26. kesäkuu 2024

Thank you for the wonderful review, Tom! We’re delighted to hear that you found our customer service helpful. We believe that InstaIndex will continue to make indexing your products on Bing faster and easier. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps us continue to improve our service. Thanks again for choosing!

Muokattu 6. kesäkuu 2024

Feels like I just subscribed to a beta product. The premium plan is supposed to automatically submit my URL's, yet it's doing nothing for my existing pages after days. Do I submit them manually? Do I wait? I'd love to troubleshoot this and find out more answers, but the only thing that exists on this product is a single landing page, and the contact page of your subsite doesn't work.

While I appreciate that you replied saying this explanation is in your welcome email and slightly mentioned in your dashboard FAQ, you should make this clear on the actual ad profile, before users install the product and purchase premium. If a user has a new shop and recently updated a bunch of pages that have not been indexed yet, the tool that should automatically submit these doesn't, because the changes were made yesterday and the app was installed today, leading me to having to submit everything manually anyways and defeating the purpose of automation. At the minimum you should at least recognize those pages and allow the user to make the choice to submit or not, but there is not much with this product all together from features, info, or anything else, everything is all one pagers.

I appreciate you following up with me after you post your reply here, but I've already uninstalled the product.

6 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä vastasi 6. kesäkuu 2024

Update June 8: Thanks for updating your review with more details. Since we haven't received your email response, we're addressing your concerns here.

Just to clarify, even if you're bulk submitting URLs you updated yesterday, they'll still be flagged as late submissions. During our calls with the Bing team, they made it clear that the app should only submit URLs that have changed "after" the app was installed. We built the app with Bing’s guidelines, and it works exactly how they wanted it. Auto-submitting existing URLs without changes goes against IndexNow protocol and can be counterproductive. We don’t recommend or promote this practice. We recommend submitting your sitemap to notify search engines about all existing URLs for your newly created site. SEO is a long-term game, and you’ll get the best results by making sure Bing learns about any new updates on your site through the IndexNow protocol.

While our App Store listing clearly mentions that we auto-submit URLs when changes are made, we apologize for any confusion caused. We'll work on better educating our new users about IndexNow.

Regardless, for users who need to manually submit URLs following changes, we support one-click bulk submission from the Shopify products table. Here, you can filter, select, and submit multiple products using the "Submit to IndexNow" action. This feature is highlighted on the manual submission page with screenshots, as well as in the app store images.

We've designed the app to be minimalistic and user-friendly—install, subscribe, and forget. We want you to focus on what you do best: selling your products. As the app is still relatively new and our priority has been on technical aspects and bug fixes, we will now shift our focus to educating our users about IndexNow and how it works.


Thank you for your review. We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any confusion caused.

Please note that Shopify takes a couple of days to review and publish app reviews, which is why we were not aware of your issues until now. For immediate assistance, we always recommend contacting us directly at

Regarding your expectation for the app to automatically submit all your existing pages, this is not how the IndexNow protocol works. As an official Bing IndexNow partner, we adhere to their guidelines, which recommend submitting URLs only when changes occur. Automatically submitting existing URLs without changes could negatively impact your crawl rate, indexing, and rankings. Our app is designed to submit URLs when you create a new page or update an existing one, ensuring efficient and effective indexing.

We strive to communicate these details clearly in the welcome email, FAQs on the app dashboard, and the app listing. However, we understand there may be some confusion, especially for users transitioning from gray hat SEO indexing apps. We're committed to improving our communication and support to better meet your needs.

Regarding the contact page issue, we've been unable to reproduce it on our end. We will reach out to you directly to gather more information and provide the assistance you need.

Thank you for your understanding. We're eager to hear from you and improve our app to better serve you.

4. huhtikuu 2024

This is my second app from I like apps from this developer for their clutter-free, minimalist approach. I installed this app some time ago and forgot about it until I opened it and checked my submission logs today. The app has been submitting all of my updates and new products in the background. It works like a charm.

25 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä vastasi 25. huhtikuu 2024

Thank you for the amazing review, Sandeep! We’re thrilled to hear that you appreciate the minimalist design and functionality of our apps. We’re grateful to have you as a repeat customer and look forward to continuing to provide you with reliable and efficient solutions. Thanks again for choosing!

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