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29. mai 2024

Instant has been a strong support since we launched our brand. While it may seem like just another company in the industry, their speed in delivering new features and tools is unparalleled. The team is one of the best, if not the best, out there. Their constant support and assistance are impressive, and they are always listening to feedback to keep improving. We cannot recommend them more highly. Keep up the great work!

Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
7. juni 2024

Great app, beautiful design options, easy to use. Very good customer support. I wish it was less expensive for starters :)

4 måneder bruker appen
16. mai 2024

I've tested a lot of Shopify page builders and it's probably the one that took me the less time to learn and get pretty good result with it. One thing that I like is that you can build sections templates and reuse them in any page you want. That's great when you want to create consistency fast on your site. I can't wait to try the Figma plugin, this will be a huge time saver. Oh yeah, and the most important part is their community + amazing and responsive support. They are super helpful and get solutions right away.

GothRider Brand
10 dager bruker appen
21. mars 2024

My experience with Instant has been outstanding. Its user-friendly interface and extensive template selection made it easy for me to create a stunning website effortlessly. The seamless integration with Shopify simplified the process of transferring pages to our online store. I've been impressed by the frequent addition of new features, keeping the platform fresh and innovative. The responsive support team has been incredibly helpful whenever I've had questions. Overall, Instant is the perfect choice for anyone looking to create a professional website with ease and efficiency.

6 måneder bruker appen
26. mars 2024

Instant has been an incredible partner and tool for us to quickly test different sections, put up new sections in minutes, and design clean code sections in Shopify. On top of that their support is unbelievable. Would highly recommend!

4 måneder bruker appen
6. april 2024

After looking for page and section builders for years this is the best thing that has happened to the Shopify app store. We can scale so quickly building sections (in pure liquid!!) and new landing pages. Also the team is really fast with support and are really listening to their users by implementing requested features. This is the app every store that wants to scale needs to have!
2 måneder bruker appen
29. mai 2024

such an amazing tool and team! easy to use even if you don't have experience. The templates are great and flexible. The support team are always helpful and responsive

4 måneder bruker appen
16. april 2024

Instant is a game-changer for agency owners like me. It offers an intuitive interface and extensive template selection, making building high-converting Shopify sites a breeze. The support is top-notch, always there when you need it. Plus, the direct integration with Figma is a huge time-saver for our design team. If you're looking to speed up production and create stunning sites, Instant is the way to go!

River Co.
Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
7. april 2024

Easy to use with amazing customer support. All the issues we had (due to our own lack of skill) were fixed easily by the team. They either fixed it for us or sent a very clear video breakdown so we could fix it by ourselves.

It also built really clean landing pages.
A great app and a great team.

No Guilt Bakes
30 dager bruker appen
2. mai 2024

They helped us migrate over from another competitor and have been a pelasure to work with! Only great things to say

Peace Collective
3 måneder bruker appen