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Instant Cart

Instant Cart

Developed by Cupel Apps

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  • Fully customizable instantly accessible ajax cart drawer for any shopify theme
  • Makes cart obvious and visible from all pages
  • Fully Customizable, one click installation and one time pricing!

★ Next Major Update on : After Shopify Team Review. Kindly wait for few days :) ★

☺ We are updating the app to make the app to help merchants to increase conversion rates.Your suggestions and feedback are welcome. cupelapps@gmail.comDEMO STORE

Better shopping cart design will help retailers to reduce cart abandonments!

Shopping cart abandonment is a big problem for online retailers: 60% of the online shoppers put items into a web site’s cart they fail to complete the transaction. Movies Unlimited allowed its online shoppers to see their existing cart via a dropdown menu, rather than navigating to a separate page. This led to an estimated decrease in cart abandonment of 4% to 8%.

So we introduced a simple way to reduce cart abandonments without any costly investment for the shopify merchants. What’s the point of starting an e-commerce store, if customers are unable to find or access and update the ‘Cart’ items whenever they needed?

Benefits & Features

Increase visibility

Increasing the cart visibility enables customer's shopping experience delightful. They will find the cart button easily on every page of your website

One step checkout

One of the reason for cart abandonment is complex checkout process. Customers feel uncomfortable by the number of pages they have to pass through. Instant Cart app eliminates this and provides one step checkout process. It enables them to proceed to the checkout from a single click of a button.

Make customers easy to compare and update cart items instantly

Instant cart helps shoppers to compare the cart item prices easily and to make buying decisions easily.

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