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Magic Cart - Sticky drop down cart for any theme

Magic Cart - Sticky drop down cart for any theme

Developed by Cupel Apps

Price: $4.99 / month Free Trial: 3 days More info
  • Increases cart visibility and easily accessibility to the customers all the time on any page and at any portion of the page.
  • Reduces the checkout steps. Provides one click quick checkout for the customers.
  • Reduces cart abandonments. Shows all estimated hidden costs upfront on the cart itself

Magic Cart 2 is coming on 27-September-2016

30+ Stores are using our app. Magic Cart 2 is going to be released soon. See the updates in action here

See the app in action in our Live Demo Store

Better shopping cart design will help retailers to reduce cart abandonments!

Shopping cart abandonment is a big problem for online retailers: 60% of the online shoppers put items into a web site’s cart they fail to complete the transaction. Movies Unlimited allowed its online shoppers to see their existing cart via a dropdown menu, rather than navigating to a separate page. This led to an estimated decrease in cart abandonment of 4% to 8%.

So we introduced a simple way to reduce cart abandonments without any costly investment for the shopify merchants. What’s the point of starting an e-commerce store, if customers are unable to find or access and update the ‘Cart’ items whenever they needed?

Benefits & Features

1. Increase cart visibility

Increasing the cart visibility enables customer's shopping experience delightful. They will find the cart button easily on every page of your website

2. One step checkout

One of the reason for cart abandonment is complex checkout process. Customers feel uncomfortable by the number of pages they have to pass through. Magic Cart app eliminates this and provides one step checkout process. It enables them to proceed to the checkout from a single click of a button.

3. Make customers easy to compare and update cart items instantly

Magic cart helps shoppers to compare the cart item prices easily and to make buying decisions easily.

4. Editing the cart is never been easy before

Magic cart allows shoppers to edit their cart items with just one click. The cart is available on all pages at all time. This increases buying intention rather than abandoning

5. Creates Stock Scarcity- Low stock alert

A small notice of the low stock alert will be displayed on each line item in the cart. This creates scarcity.

6. Discount Emphasis

Our app automatically calculates discount based on compare at price of the variants and displays near the checkout button like this - "You saved $10(12.5%).

Frequently Asked Questions

Any theme customizations/installs required?

No. Our app installs the necessary styles of the cart button automatically. When uninstalling all the styles are automatically removed. Our app dont install or change anything to your theme files.

My store already have a cart button. i want to disable the already available cart button in my store theme. How to do it?

You can easily disable using a simple CSS trick. Find the theme.liquid file in your theme manager. Find the html element corresponding to the cart button using handy "inspect" button in chrome browser. Then find the html element in the theme.liquid file and add this css style to it - "visibility:hidden;". Anyway you can contact us. We are always ready to help. This customization is free of charge:)
We have introduced a feature to hide or show cart

How can i disable the Magic Cart for a while?

You can safely disable the cart without uninstalling the app for any period of time. In App Dashboard, there is an option called "Show/Hide Cart". You can turn it on or off (show or hide cart)

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I have just installed the app, which was an easy process. I will monitor the usage and report back. I notice that the cart icon on my website seems to have a handbag on it instead of a cart? The cart is more recognised, so I would prefer the cart (as shown on the demo pages). I like the look of the app and cart.

$4.99 / month

*** You can buy the app for One Time License $50. From 26-September-2016 Onwards until 31-December-2016 ***

3 days

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