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30 april 2023

So far, I just installed this app and it seems like it's going to work great for me, my store, and most importantly my customers. Excited to see how it helps me build and maintain better customer service and relationships.

Sweet Surrender
3 dagar användning av appen
23 november 2022

amazing app easy to work with, I would recommend it to any merchant looking to save time while helping customers find exactly what they need.

Home Shop
5 månader användning av appen
23 mars 2023

So far so good! Thank you. Need to play around with it but it looks great on the website. I think this will really be beneficial to customers with questions

Pet lover goods
26 dagar användning av appen
21 mars 2023

Great! Perfect for what we needed, an FAQ pop up that allows customers to message us. Easy to install too!

Modern Piping
4 månader användning av appen
29 januari 2023

At first glance it looks like a very good app. It is necessary to complete all the settings, see how everything will work, and only then draw final conclusions.

2 dagar användning av appen
4 oktober 2022

I used this app for the FAQ section of my store, really great and helpful. Thank you guys for this app.

2 månader användning av appen
25 oktober 2022

great app and will help a lot in my store, i want my customers to trust me and my store and having an instant chat help will do that

KT KidzTech
16 dagar användning av appen
27 december 2022

Good job on this app. It looks good and I feel like this app will help my customers for all there questions.

Savage Rooster Coffee
23 dagar användning av appen
29 oktober 2022

Easy for application app. Helped me to build my website. Good for beginners and professionals. Thank you!

Ungefär en timme användning av appen
Redigerat 26 april 2023

i'm glad i picked this app for my store. So easy to set up and start running. Def recommend. Love it

3 månader användning av appen