Facebook Feed, Google Shopping

Facebook Feed, Google Shopping

door Fast Simon, Inc.

Realtime Facebook Feed + Google Feed + Pinterest + Bing Ads

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Realtime Feed Updates

Stop wasting your ad budget on out-of-stock products, and avoid a bad user experience. Use our realtime updates for inventory and prices

Machine Learning

Harness AI and Machine Learning models behind the scenes to optimize your campaigns performance

Multi-platform Product Feed

Create feeds for Google Shopping, Facebook Shop, Instagram, Bing and Pinterest with a click of a button

Over Facebook Feed, Google Shopping

New Feature - Feed Rules

Add or modify your product attributes without changing them on your Shopify store. Do it at scale with our simple but powerful set of rules!

Boost Google Shopping Feed and Facebook Shop Dynamic Product Ad Campaigns Conversion with Machine Learning and AI

This app harnesses machine learning AI to create product variant feeds to Facebook Shop, Instagram, Google, Bing Ads, and Pinterest product feeds.

Google Merchant Center for Google Shopping, Facebook & Instagram, Bing and Pinterest feeds are generated right after the install. And then updated in realtime after any change like product availability or price change so you know your advertising campaigns are always up-to-date.

Main Reasons to Choose InstantFeed+

  • Google Merchant Center Feed for Google Shopping can be generated for multiple countries and Facebook with a flip of a checkbox.
  • All relevant product variants, for your Google feed and Facebook catalog, are included with their optimized machine learning AI for their title, description, and image to maximize conversion - zero setup from your end!
  • All of your feeds, Google feed, Facebook feed, Bing Ads feed and Pinterest feed will be updated in realtime for Out of stock variants so you would not waste money advertising these products
  • Your Google Merchant Center feed and Facebook feed will be updated in realtime for any pricing changes so your customer will know what to expect
  • Automatic on-going optimization of both, Google feed and Facebook catalog product feed using Google Ads performance stats
  • A great segue to our InstantAd+ automated Ad Campaign service (for qualified merchants only! learn more at instantAdPlus.com)

3 Simple Setup Steps for Google Shopping Feed, Facebook feed and Bing feed

  1. Install
  2. 1-min Google feed and Facebook Shop catalog configuration
  3. Watch the conversion rate go up!

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  • 1,000 Products
  • Google, Facebook, Bing & Pinterest Feed
  • Feed Rules



  • 10,000 Products
  • Google, Facebook, Bing & Pinterest Feed
  • Feed Rules
  • Realtime Feed Update
  • AI Ad Campaigns
  • Support



  • 100,000 Products
  • Google, Facebook, Bing & Pinterest Feed
  • Feed Rules
  • Realtime Feed Update
  • AI Ad Campaigns
  • Support



  • 250,000 Products
  • Google, Facebook, Bing & Pinterest Feed
  • Feed Rules
  • Realtime Feed Update
  • AI Ad Campaigns
  • Ads Account Audit
  • Support

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4.6 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

Unspoken Fashion

Unfortunately, I haven't liked anything about this app. The interface is primitive, the feed causes many disapprovals of products in Google merchant centre, they charge $19.99 for their google shopping feed service which is exactly like Shopify free Google shopping app so you're wasting your money and time paying for this app and you lose sales due to the poor feed structure. Their customer service is bizarre. At first I couldn't get emails answered for days. Now if I send an email I get multiple different responses and repeated questions rather than solutions. I asked for a full refund of $19.99 as I just paid for the service and within 24 hours my clicks on Google shopping dropped by a third due to errors created. Save your money. Use Shopify free Google shopping feed app or a paid app that's providing 2021 feed service not clunky primitive aged feed service.


This app solved ALL our problems with the Facebook feed! Other similar apps doesn't even come close to the versatility of this one! You can even change the individual Product descriptions in the feed without having to change the description on your shopify product page.
They have an Awesome support that will help you out with almost anything and they even built a new feature especially for us, just because I asked them to!
A total lifesaver in the horrible world of Facebook Commerce integration.

Dreamframer Art

This is a very cool app! My Facebook and Pinterest feeds are finally fixed and they work as expected. The titles of my products don't contain just letters and numbers, so for some reason, the original Pinterest app was transcribing titles into the Pinterest catalog adding "/" and "\", which looked ugly. InstantFeed+ fixed that right away. The support is very responsive and super helpful.