Instant Google Shopping Ads

Instant Google Shopping Ads

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Google Ads, Google Shopping, Google AdWords, and Remarketing!

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We're Google Certified Partner

Run Google shopping ads like an expert with experts! Leverage our knowledge of campaign management for your store.

Powerful Shopping Campaigns

Scale your budgets fast and increase ROAS. Launch powerful and effective Google Shopping Ad campaigns in minutes.

Machine Learning

Harness AI and Machine Learning models behind the scenes to optimize your campaigns performance

Om Instant Google Shopping Ads

IAI Advertising that boosts ROAS

Looking for a way to create Google shopping? InstantAd+ is the app you are looking for. Automatically create, optimize, and scale advertising campaigns for eCommerce.

Run Google Shopping Campaigns Like an Expert

We know how hard it is to create, run and optimize Google shopping campaigns at a high level, and not everyone can afford to use an ad agency. This is why we decided to create this app for merchants like you. So you can also run Google shopping campaigns like an expert.

Leverage the power of AI to create and optimize Google Adwords shopping campaigns

Install and integrate with a few clicks, to create ad campaigns as a marketing expert. While setting up the campaigns our AI machine will auto-select great targeting and settings for your targeted audience to maximize your ad dollars.

After getting enough traffic and data, the app will optimize the campaigns for constantly improving your ROAS.

Our AI machine will keep track of your Google ads every minute of the day to get the amazing possible decisions and results.

Run ads with a certified Google Partner!

Q: What do I need to get started?

A: You need an active Google ads account and a verified Google merchant center account to run ads on Google.

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