FlashFy ‑ Page Speed Optimizer

FlashFy ‑ Page Speed Optimizer


Divide page loading time by 4 and increase your sales and SEO

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Accelerate Page Load Time

We recover every millisecond of available time in order to offer the user an instantaneous loading on mobile and desktop.

Improve Sales & interaction

Faster pages result in a lower bounce rate and improved conversion rate. Therefore also the quality score and thus the SEA & SEO.

Smart design - No coder needed

No need for an encoder. The code is very light and all preloaded pages are cached. No negative impact on your page speed score.

FlashFy ‑ Page Speed Optimizer 정보

FlashFy optimizes and accelerates all page loading of your site.

Every millisecond is important, our system takes care of preloading pages before they are even clicked.

This allows the pages to be delivered instantly to the user, removing all latency. The site speed is one of the most complicated elements to improve when you use a CMS such as Shopify. By using this technology you ensure a perfect experience for your users.

Here are all the advantages of our technology :

1. Decreased bounce rate

By delivering the pages instantly, you remove all bounce rates due to long loads.

2. Increase the number of page views

You allow your users to visit more pages in less time. They discover more products/services and you get better retention on your sessions.

3. Decrease in the number of abandoned shopping carts

By removing the frustration associated with overly long loads, you reduce the number of cart abandonments.

4. Increased conversion rate

Instant page delivery greatly improves the conversion rate. The user is less frustrated, feels more secured and finds fewer excuses to abandon the purchase.

5. Direct improvement on your CPC and CPM

A reduced bounce rate, a longer average session time, more page visits are criteria taken into account in the calculation of your quality score for your advertising campaigns. Improving your quality score means earning points against the competition and reduces your cpc or cpm.

6. Indirect improvement of natural referencing

In the same way, your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) position is impacted by your bounce rate and the page depth of a session. By improving these criteria you give yourself the chance to improve your position on competitive keywords.

7. Very light code

The code is particularly light. We made sure that the application can only improve your performance without reducing it on other criteria such as the speed score pages often impacted by the accumulation of modules and applications. We have made sure that this solution does not impact the search engine speed criteria.

8. Smart information management

In addition to a very light code, our technology loads only the necessary pages. They are stored intelligently and only once to avoid unnecessary activation.

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Very easy to install by following the provided video. Can't wait to see my page views and sales boost! Great experience overall!


Parfait pour l’UX, j’attends de voir les résultats sur le taux de conversion mais je trouve déjà le site plus rapide.

La Boutique De La Santé

No improvement on GTMetrix, but they do warn you. However, from the user's side, you can see the difference right away!

개발자 회신

2020년 11월 30일

Thank you for your review !