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7. Februar 2017

Just installed it, but it seems like just what I've been searching for. I love the way the search looks now. You can see it here:

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12. Dezember 2016

Great app - so much better with searches now. A few tricky things to know but online help got back to me fairly quickly with a solution. Be sure you customize your settings - I didn't realize there were so many options until they showed me!

Tops Malibu
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3. Januar 2017

Just downloaded this app, its working on my site. But set up is a little confusing. I just got an email that it sets up automatically so I guess I dont have to do anything else. It would be nice if I was told this in the beginning rather than me wasting my time setting things up incorrectly like I did.

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10. Mai 2022

It's a great app, but most of all the support is amazing! The least positive part is the price but it is what it is. But I recommend!

Smart Talk
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2. Mai 2019

It would have been 5 stars if the app can also create filters for shopify collections not just on the search results :)

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Fast Simon hat geantwortet 2. Mai 2019

Thank you for the review. The app can also create filters for collections. Please contact our support at

6. April 2018

Instant Search works right out of the box.
It's very easy to install and gives excellent results as you type.

I like that you can also add some specific keywords to show specific products.

What I like less is their interface.
It's ugly and I wish they would use Shopify's framework to make a more user friendly layout.

It really doesn't want to go in and customize all of your options.

Another bummer is that the lower plan only allows you to see the last 30 days of stats.

Knowing what keywords were the most searched in the last year or last 6 months would be great... but I'm not going to pay an extra 60$+ per month for that option.

Overall, it does what it says and it does it well.
My visitors use it more than I though.

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1. Juni 2017

Good just needs better pricing

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1. Januar 2017

Great app. I wish that the basic package included search of blog posts and pages.

Info 4834
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14. Juli 2017

After several months of using, our search functionality is vastly improved. I just wish it was more affordable for smaller businesses. I'm on the fence about dropping it because I'm not yet convinced the cost justifies the service.

Walnut Studiolo
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17. September 2019

I used this app . It's useful. I had few issues when the CSS got skewed up. They fixed it. I hope this app wll be free.

Jake 'n' Jasp
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