InstaShop: Shoppable Instagram

InstaShop: Shoppable Instagram

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Create Stunning Shoppable Galleries of Instagram Pictures

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Shoppable Instagram galleries

Bring Instagram pictures to your store. Enhance pictures with pins. Pins link to products in your store.

New way for customers to shop

Create stunning galleries of Instagram pictures: Sliders, Grids and Collages. Add to your home page or a dedicated 'Shop Instagram' page

Works after April 2020!

InstaShop will continue to work after many other plugins stop working. And InstaShop will keep customers in your store, rather than sending

Su InstaShop: Shoppable Instagram

InstaShop: A New Way for Customers to Shop your AMAZING Products

InstaShop unlocks the power of Instagram, allowing you to create STUNNING galleries of Instagram pictures, displayed ANYWHERE in your shop.

IMPORTANT: InstaShop supports the new Instagram API

  • Your Instagram gallery will work after March 2nd 2020!!!
  • Keeps customers in your store!

More than a gallery, InstaShop brings SMART PINS to pictures. Pins link to products in your store, driving sales.

*InstaShop keeps customers in your store, FOCUSED on making a PURCHASE. *Bring SHOPPABLE Instagram galleries to your shop. *ENHANCE Instagram pictures with ‘click to buy’ pins *Pins link customers to PRODUCTS in your store. *EASY to setup and effortless to use,

Compliments Instagram Shoppable Pins:

Instagram offers shoppable pins. But these pins are not in your shop. InstaShop fills the gap: * InstaShop brings pictures from Instagram into your shop and add pins to these pictures. * InstaShop pins are displayed on desktop, tablet & mobile. Instagram/Shopify pins are only available on the Instagram mobile app. * InstaShop keeps customers in your store.

9000+ Happy Customers!

InstaShop is EASY to setup & EFFORTLESS to manage. InstaShop's Basic Plan is FREE to use for LIFE. Our Essential Plan packs MORE features for LESS than any other competitor

With InstaShop, You’re in Control

  • Choose Instagram pictures to display
  • Choose between gallery, slider or collage view. * Galleries look incredible on desktop, tablet & mobile
  • Add unlimited 'click to buy' pins to pictures.


  • Display Instagram Pictures from your @username accounts.
  • Click to Buy Pins link Pictures to Products in your Store - Predictive typing makes it easy to add pins to pictures.
  • Customisable ‘buy’ button - Use your language for your customers.
  • AMAZING Grid & Collage Galleries - Perfect for a full page ‘Shop Instagram’ feature.
  • Slider Gallery - Perfect for adding to an existing page.
  • NO WATERMARKS - because your customers don't need to see our branding!
  • Carousel - Close up view of your pictures. Follows Instagram’s design. Includes the click to buy pins.
  • STUNNING help and support - step by step guides, training videos, FAQs and direct support.
  • Instant update - Your customers will see new Instagram images as soon as you add them to your gallery.
  • Responsive design - Your InstaShop galleries look amazing on computers, phones and tablets.

Why Choose InstaShop?

  • Easy to manage
  • Super easy workflow - InstaShop is designed to make sales. Not take up your time.
  • FREE set up support - we promise, InstaShop is easy to use. But we’re here to help if you need us.
  • Video tutorials - There to support you

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  • instashop standalone platform

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Galleria multimediale


Basic Plan


  • Unlimited Product Pins

  • Unlimited Instagram accounts, #tags

  • NO watermarks

  • Slider, Grid layout

  • Email support

  • Free Embedding

Essential Plan


  • All above plus:

  • Collage layout

  • Advanced gallery options

  • Display product prices

  • Unlimited displayed pictures

Business Plan


  • All the above plus

  • Product Galleries

  • Analytics

  • Custom CSS

* Tutte le spese sono fatturate in USD. Le spese ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

4.0 stelle su 5

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the support is very terrible, I request for install the app, but they alway ask me to authorized accessaccess the admin page, and don't do any thing for me, and the respone is delay, I sent the email for them, usually get respone more than one week.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

18 giugno 2020

I am very sorry you had a negative experience. We did try to provide you with 1 day support. Unfortunately, as you know, we never received the access email so we could work on your store. I do appreciate the you tried to send it. But it seems this was out of our control.

I think it is important to understand that during COVID, we have been working hard to look after our customers. However, there have been some temporary delays in giving immediate support. We are a small dedicated team, that at times have had to put family over work.

None the less, we continue to strive to offer support to ALL customers, including those that use our service 100% free.

Totter + Tumble

I have just set this up and it was so easy to do. The instructions are clear and the video support showing the steps too are brilliant.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

11 febbraio 2020

Thank you so much for your kind words. We're really happy you like our app :-)

Urban Status Bags

Cant even get to the admin page.

Error 503 Backend fetch failed
Backend fetch failed

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XID: 667142048

Varnish cache server

Risposta dello sviluppatore

11 febbraio 2020

We are sorry you had a bad experience. I did message you at the time to explain the cause of the issue. Thankfully, the problem was rectified quickly, though I do appreciate that sometimes quickly can't be quick enough! I am sorry if you were inconvenienced and I hope you managed to find a solution that worked for you.