InsureShield Shipping Coverage

InsureShield Shipping Coverage

作成: UPSCIA, Inc.

Easy-to-use, rules-based shipping insurance

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Customizable Rules

Add insurance rules based on amount, SKU, or location. No one offers this much flexibility to build a custom plan tailored to your business.

Quick Claim Payments

Take the pain out of claims. Use our portal to upload, view and track claims 24/7. A world-class claims experience at your finger-tips.

Comprehensive Coverage

Coverage for all parcel & freight carriers with reimbursement for loss, damage and even porch theft up to your invoice value plus shipping.

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Install, Insure, and Relax with InsureShield™ Shipping Insurance!

Get all-risk shipping insurance for parcel and freight shipments with claims that actually get paid; within days and up to the invoice value.

One Simple App

A lot of tech that is meant to simplify life ends up doing the opposite. The last thing you need is more stress in your supply chain. That’s why our app turns all those pains into gains. All you have to do is download, set up your rules, relax, and take control of growing your business.

Tailored to Fit

One size never fits all, especially when it comes to coverage for your business. With InsureShield, you have complete control to customize coverage that fits your business needs:

  • Set your minimum order value
  • Check the boxes for the items you want to insure. The app automatically imports SKUs from your Shopify store
  • Choose domestic and/or international as a basis for what’s insured

Take the guesswork out of coverage and take the stress out of shipping.

Stress-free Claims

Get peace of mind knowing we pay nearly all claims with most paid within days. That means you can:

  • File directly with us instead of filing with the carrier
  • File or track claims 24/7 with our online claims portal

Your claims on your terms.

Superior Coverage for a Superior Customer Experience

You can do everything right to get your package to your customer but sometimes things just happen. No need to fret because you can confidently reship a replacement knowing your policy includes:

  • Coverage for damage and loss, including goods that mysteriously disappear from the front porch
  • No required minimum premium per order nor limit to the number of orders that can be insured
  • Reimbursement for the invoice value of the goods plus freight
  • Expedited reshipping costs so you can send a replacement and exceed customer expectations
  • 90 days to report concealed damage and 9 months to file a claim giving you and your customers time to identify any issues
  • Coverage for goods that are refused or not delivered, giving you round trip protection

Now that’s service.

Additional Details

  • Orders must be labeled as fulfilled and include the carrier and tracking number when fulfilled to be eligible for the express carrier rate. All orders fulfilled without a carrier and a tracking number will be assessed at the USPS rate.
  • Limits and deductibles may apply during registration
  • Invoiced monthly by UPSCIA, Inc., a licensed insurance producer
  • Refer to policy documents for full coverage details and exclusions







$0.60 per $100 - Express Carriers ($10,000 limit). $0.80 per $100 - USPS ($1,000 limit). 0% deductible.

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Blazing Bull

Easy setup, reliable customer service and easy to file claims! Jeanne was extremely helpful with installing the app on our Shopify store and is always there when we need her! Highly Recommended!

The Hive Experience

App was seamless to integrate and having the ability to customize our products coverage is a nice touch overall. Satisfied with my customer's claim experience as well.



Thank you for the wonderful review and for taking the time to share your feedback with InsureShield.  Our priority is customer service and we are ecstatic that we met that mark!

GFIT activewear

Loving this app!...Easy to use, and flexible coverage for my products.
What I like the most is that it is helping me with shipping problems that happen frequently with multiple carriers, and the best part is that I am able to keep my customers happy!!



GFIT activewear - that's what we call the brighter side of shipping! Keeping your customers happy is paramount. Glad you see the flexibility in what you can cover and the ease of use.