InsureShield Shipping Coverage

InsureShield Shipping Coverage

作成: UPSCIA, Inc.

Rules-based shipping insurance with quickly paid claims.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Coverage for UPS®, FedEx® & USPS® shipments. Reimbursement up to your invoice value plus shipping for porch-pirated theft, loss and damage.

Quick Claim Payments

View, track and upload claims with our 24/7 portal. Quickly credit your customers and provide a great post-purchase experience.

Flexible Coverage

Apply insurance rules to all or select orders based on the item, value, or delivery destination. See what orders are insured vs uninsured.

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Provide a premium customer experience in the event of a shipping loss or damage.

Cover your UPS, USPS and FedEx shipments in one easy app with quickly paid claims up to your sales value. And at a rate less expensive than carrier liability.

Customer Experience is Everything

A bad shipping experience has repercussions. So when a shipment is lost or damaged in transit or stolen from a porch, your reputation is in the balance. With InsureShield™ shipping insurance, you have the power to create loyalty and repeat purchases by taking care of your customer, knowing claims are paid quickly

One Simple App

By using the InsureShield app you can request coverage for your UPS, FedEx and USPS shipments with rules-based coverage. It syncs directly with your Shopify® store and applies your insurance preferences when an order is fulfilled.

You have complete flexibility to choose what gets covered based on your business needs. Cover all your shipments, or select rules based on:

  • Your minimum order value
  • Items or SKUs you want to insure (The app automatically imports SKUs from your Shopify store)
  • Domestic and/or international delivery destination

Superior Coverage for a Superior Customer Experience

Things happen in shipping. That’s why InsureShield protection offers:

  • Coverage for damage and loss, including goods that mysteriously disappear from the front porch
  • Reimbursement up to the invoice value of the goods plus shipping costs
  • Expedited reshipment costs up to 20% of the insured value of the goods can be reimbursed so you easily reship a package.
  • 90 days to report concealed damage and 9 months to file a claim giving you and your customers time to identify any issues
  • Coverage for goods that are refused or undelivered, giving you round trip protection

There’s no required minimum fee per order and no limit to the number of orders that must be insured.

Stress-free Claims

Get peace of mind knowing claims are quickly paid. No need to put your carriers on notice or waiting on carriers to approve your claim. With InsureShield coverage, you:

  • File directly with us instead of filing with the carrier
  • Manage claims 24/7 with our online claims portal

Additional Details

  • Fulfilled orders must include the carrier and tracking number to be eligible for the express carrier rate. All orders fulfilled without a carrier and a tracking number will be assessed at the USPS rate
  • You will start accruing charges on fulfilled orders based on your insurance preferences after you receive policy confirmation
  • You’ll be invoiced monthly by UPSCIA, Inc., a licensed insurance producer
  • Limits and deductibles may apply
  • Refer to policy documents for full coverage details and exclusions










You are charged $0.60 per $100 Express Carriers ($10,000 limit). $0.80 per $100 USPS ($1,000 limit). 0% deductible.

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PROCAM Photo & Video Gear

As a Shopify Plus merchant we never found value in spending the time to deal with the lengthy process of filing claims with the carriers for damaged or lost shipments. InsureShield for Shopify provides us with one solution and one process that makes filing claims simple and effective regardless of carrier.



That's what we call the brighter side of shipping! We are happy to hear you had a positive experience with InsureShield.

Cait and Co

We really love UPS Capital so far! Makes having coverage for every order super easy, and their customer service is on top of it! I never thought getting insurance payouts for order damages could be SO easy.



Thank you for the wonderful review. 5 stars is great. We really appreciate that you would take the time to share your feedback.  Our priority is customer service and we are ecstatic that we met that mark! Kind folks like you make our job a pleasure.

Apollo Gear Co.

Extremely easy setup and a seamless platform which captures your orders with nothing to do on the front end. Jeanne at UPS Capital went above and beyond to provide bespoke solutions for our business to better integrate with the app and has been there for us whenever we've needed her (we ship a very niche product). If you need help integrating or run into any snags, you can rely on customer support (ask for Jeanne!) that is hard to find these days. If you want minimize your risk in a straight forward way (especially if you are shipping a high value product) it makes sense to install the app / use UPS Capital for insurance.



Why thanks Apollo Gear Co. We’re also extremely happy to know you’re having a good experience with InsureShield. On behalf of Jeanne and all of us at UPS Capital, we certainly appreciate you. As we like to say, ship happy with InsureShield.