Integration with FGO invoicing

Integration with FGO invoicing

door WebShopAssist

Automatically creates invoices and register payments on FGO

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Easy invoice creation

Don't lose time filling invoice forms. You can create invoices for orders automatically or manually with just one click.

Effortless payment recording

As soon as an order is Paid, the linked invoice is also marked as collected automatically.

Time saving

Once the invoicing options are set to your preferences, the app keeps the orders in sync with the invoices in the FGO system

Over Integration with FGO invoicing

Our integration app is able to automate the process of generating invoices, and registering payments on the invoicing system. FGO is a Romanian online invoicing system which provides the API to for this app.

Each time an order is created, an invoice can be automatically created. Each time a payment is captured, the app can update the linked invoice as paid on the invoicing system.

Multiple options let's you customize the app's behavior.


  • Automatic invoice creation - If checked, each time a new order is created by a customer, the system automatically creates an invoice for the order using FGO service.
  • Automatic action on Order Paid - When an order's payment is captured we can mark the invoice as paid in FGO.
  • Automatic action on Order Cancelled - When an order is cancelled we can automatically cancel or delete the associated invoice from FGO.
  • Multiple orders from the same customer can be grouped on one invoice
  • Support for SAGA integration
  • Checks FGO invoice payment status and updated the Shopify order financial status
  • Various invoice options


  • The monthly price plans above refer only to the Shopify app offered by WebShopAssist, and not to the FGO price plans.
  • The monthly invoice limits are also only for the Shopify app. FGO does not set limits for the number of invoices created.
  • In order to use this app, you need the FGO Pro or Premium price plan, which include API access.

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  • You can create up to 30 invoices per month free of charge.



$0.04 per invoice after the included invoices are used

  • 200 invoices included
  • $0.04 per invoice after the included invoices are used



$0.03 per invoice after the included invoices are used

  • 400 invoices included
  • $0.02 per invoice after the included invoices are used



Additional plans available. See our pricing page for details

  • 800 invoices included
  • $0.02 per invoice after the included invoices are used

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** Terugkerende kosten, inclusief maandelijkse of op gebruik gebaseerde kosten, worden elke 30 dagen in rekening gebracht.

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Integrarea functioneaza fara probleme in utilizare! Suport profesional excelent si prompt! Recomand cu caldura ORICAND!

MOF for kids

This app helped me to integrate FGO with my store and now my work with invoices is much easy, and my accountant work is now more simple because of sync between FGO invoices app and SAGA app for accountants.