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3. April 2024

Awesome app and fantastic customer service. Very responsive to any question I ever have. A/B testing isn't optional. Everytime I think a change is too small or too obvious to test, I'm proven wrong by the test results. Simple and intuitive design. You don't need to be an engineer to figure out how to use this. That said, one area that would be nice to see improved is how the app helps you interpret test results (e.g. assessing statistical significance). But customer service was yet again awesome in filling the gaps for us.

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16. März 2024

We looked at a lot of tools to help us with testing and are so glad we found Intelligems. The simplicity of the test setup with specific Shopify theme integration is super clean. When we don't know how to do something, the team at Intelligems is very responsive and helps us get things done on the spot. Couldn't recommend enough.

Great product, reasonable price, excellent service.

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23. Februar 2024

Intelligems is an excellent platform that allows brands to seamlessly set up price tests. Their dashboard is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and utilize their many features. If you ever need any support, their awesome team is always around to help!

The Perfect Jean
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29. Februar 2024

This is by far the best app on shopify store, the support is amazing and mike is getting back to us (and our annoying questions) super fast, we also so some massive wins with split tests through the app,
it doesn't slow the site and it a MUST HAVE in your tech stack,
Thanks guys!

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12. April 2024

The app is awesome and the support is even better. Incredible app! Every ecommerce store should be using this.

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9. Februar 2024

These guys get it! There are a bunch of A/B Testing apps out there and most are garbage and super limited in what they can do. Not this one!
Intelligems not only has the best A/B testing app out there but the team is very responsive and you can tell they care! Highly recommend.
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29. Januar 2024

Was primarily interested in price testing (which so far is going great!) but delighted to learn that Intelligems will do what I used to be able to do in Google Optimize, too!

Great platform and phenomenal support (thanks Hannah! ).

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5. März 2024

Great program, easy to use, incredible support! Hello to Mike for his accessible explanations.

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19. Dezember 2023

Great app with incredible details and insights into KPI's that matter to Shopify businesses. The support team is even better - we highly recommend Intelligems!

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29. November 2023

Really great app! Amazing to be able to test product prices between user groups. Great customer service and hands on strategy advice as and when you need. Would recommend this to anyone wanting to test their product prices for market fit.

Peachy Den
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