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9. November 2023

I've had an amazing experience working with Drew, Hannah, and the entire Intelligems team. Price tests are easy to set up and run. Their campaign feature has become our go-to A/B testing tool. Their reporting dashboard is user-friendly and makes it easy for us to understand the impact of our tests on total revenue/profit per session. Highly recommend!

Birthdate Co.
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4 monate mit der App
22. September 2023

The app is fantastic, the team is even better. Our team has been working with Intelligems for over a year and I can't say enough about how much we love this app. Intelligems has helped us determine what the best price for our products is, what a suitable discount threshold is, and more recently content testing. Our team has previously used two much larger, well-known A/B testing platforms for content and always felt that we weren't getting what we were paying for. Intelligems makes launching a new content test easy and provides the data you need to make easy decisions. They are always innovating and looking to improve their product and welcome feedback.

Slumber Cloud
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6. Dezember 2023

Intelligems makes a tough topic like CRO Testing simple. Most inmportantly, they have the best customer support I have experienced with ecom sass. Highly reccomend

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7 monate mit der App
5. Oktober 2023

Feel free to stop reading this review and just download intelligems. Don't walk, run to do so.

The tool goes above and beyond what we were looking for and the team is world class. They truly care about their customers and are building a tool that would impact any / all size ecom store.

Every step of the way they are looking to help their customers and improve their tool. We can measure a sizeable impact on both revenue and speed of launching test because of intelligems.

I have used most tools under the sun and they are typically bloated and not user friendly. Intelligems is different. I have recommended them to multiple stores from a few thousand dollars a day in sales to hundreds of thousands of dollars. They provide impact across the board.

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9 monate mit der App
25. Oktober 2023

We have successfully used the Intelligems product to increase our AOV. We plan to use for future AB tests and know that they will pay off for our bottom line. The team at Intelligems is extremely helpful throughout the whole process and willing to walk through all steps with you. Great product and even better team, Highly recommend!

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3 monate mit der App
2. November 2023

Don't hesitate to install Intelligems! The team behind it are super friendly, knowledgeable and responsive. We've been really impressed with the features and absolutely get value for money from the subscription. If i had some money, and they'd let me, i'd invest in these guys :)

Beards & Daisies
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4 monate mit der App
12. Dezember 2023

Great service and tool!

Bare Biology
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14. Juli 2023

If you believe in making solid decisions based on Data then dont look anywhere else. This App is incredible and it does what it says and more (they are constantly launching new tools). The CS team is superb as well. In this ever changing economic times, having control over profits and revenue and being able to test and track the effect of price/copy changes has been of incredible value to our organization.

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21. September 2023

CRO / split testing is sooooooo complicated and annoying and as an operator i do NOT want to deal with learning this stuff and have a million other things to worry about running my business. Intelligems was referred to me by an agency I worked with and they are the greatest. They make split testing things so seamless and they do all the heavy lifting so that I can focus on the other important parts of my business.

Hannah P from Intelligems is the greatest and such a helpful POC for me give her a raise HR thx!!

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12 monate mit der App
9. August 2023

The best tool and team for getting started with A/B testing. Super hands on support (onboarding, troubleshooting, and even strategy). The tool is easy to use, easy to understand the results, and I always know the Intelligems team will be there to help us out if needed. We've used it so far to test shipping rates and shipping minimums, something we've always been curious about and now we have data to back up our approach.

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