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27. September 2023

Just installed and got my first test running in minutes. Compared to every other A/B testing tool I have used(I have used a lot) none of compared to an easier set up and a better looking/functioning dashboard. Price is very competitive. Overall looks like it is going to be a solid tool that we use for a long time.

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14. August 2023

Great experience overall. The onboarding team (Hannah and Samantha) went above and beyond. Look forward to using it more in the future.

God's fingerprints
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7. Juni 2023

The Intelligems team has built a great product and the support we received while launching our first test was stellar. Regardless of the results, I've been impressed with the way they present themselves as a team from day one.

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29. September 2023

The Intelligems team has been great to work with and very helpful in setting up our initial tests. The app functions as expected and is super intuitive.

Made By Mary
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3. Oktober 2023

Incredibly powerful plug and play price testing
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26. Oktober 2022

We used this app for testing both product prices and our free shipping threshold and the results have had a tremendous impact on our business. The Intelligems team is incredibly responsive and has gone above and beyond to help us analyze results and set up customized tests. We cannot recommend them enough!

Ten Little
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31. Januar 2023

We absolutely love the Intelligems app and team. Using the app leads to real business growth results and has increased revenue for the business significantly. Using the Intelligems app enables us to make data-driven decisions to scale growth. The Intelligems team is top notch and is helpful, reliable and very enjoyable to work with. I would give this app ten stars if I could!

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15. Februar 2022

Intelligems is such a handy tool and I recommend it. The team is super helpful and responsive whenever I have questions. As for the tool, it allows me to do proper A/B pricing test to make data informed decisions on next steps. Very straightforward and easy to use, love it!

Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine
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18. April 2023

Absolutely amazing team and app that is helping us tremendously with all our AB testing needs. Could not be happier with the app and the Intelligems team. If you are not using Intelligems you are missing out !!!!

Dossier Perfumes
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11. Mai 2022

Intelligems has been one of the most impactful apps on our business we've ever used. Truthfully, intelligems has been more like a partner than an app as we've tested pricing and shipping models. Especially in a time where there are macro trends in the economy, (inflation, conversion rates, shipping costs) determining a proper price point and taking a birds-eye view at all our margins, and staying flexible and adaptable is key to overall profitability.

Go Fast Don't Die
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