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Namogoo Intent Based Promotion

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Replace generic promotions with individualized incentives

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Promotions from A to Z

Create advanced promotions that match your brand’s colors and style in just minutes, with minimal configuration required.

Individualized promotions

Give each visitor the right promotion that will help convert them, without investing more than you need to.

Measure the business impact

See the impact of your promotions on your KPIs and get smart recommendations on follow-up promotional strategies.

Acerca de Namogoo Intent Based Promotion

What is Intent-Based Promotions?

Intent-Based Promotions uses AI technology to replace generic, one-size-fits-all coupons with individualized promotions generated on the spot to give your visitors exactly what they’re looking for while optimizing your KPIs.

What can you do with Intent-Based Promotions?

  • Create stunning pop-ups in minutes.
  • Set up new campaigns/pop-ups that support all your business goals (e.g., conversion rate, upsell, AOV, reduce abandonment, etc.).
  • Design/adjust promotions to fit your brand’s style, choosing from dozens of dynamic, seasonal, and converting templates.

Use advanced audience filter options and targeting rules

  • Set the target audience that will be eligible for the campaign (although this doesn’t mean they’ll all get promotions).
  • Choose the promotion type (e.g., a discount, free shipping, BOGO, countdown timer, etc.).
  • Set campaign limitations and instructions, including discount range, products included/excluded in promotions, incentive type, campaign timeframe, budget, etc.

Deliver highly effective promotion at the right time

  • Watch Intent-Based Promotions display individualized promotions for each visitor and each session.

See exactly which promotions work

  • Track results to plan follow-up campaigns.

What makes Intent-Based Promotions so unique?

Different purchase intent, different promotion

Unlike other solutions, Namogoo’s prediction machine allows you to provide tailored promotions for each visitor based on their purchase intent, providing an effective offer to push them to complete their journey successfully.

Business needs? We’ve got them covered.

  • Namogoo’s prediction machine automatically considers all your business goals, financial needs, and inventory limits, as well as customer intent, onsite behavior, and purchase propensity.
  • Intent-Based Promotions decreases abandonment and purchasing time while protecting and preserving your brand perception.

Human expertise plus smart algorithms for automatic KPI uplift

Intent-Based Promotions brings together suggestions of both human experts and advanced AI to recommend the next ideal action that will help you unlock even more value, increasing revenue further.

Bigger margins and profitability with smaller discounts

Namogoo’s AI-based prediction machine shifts your promotion budget away from visitors with guaranteed purchases or no shopping intent and instead towards visitors who will convert with the right promotion, always promising the minimum discount needed, sometimes even no discount at all.

Integration: Shopify

  • Automatically integrate to store
  • No configuration needed

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o $66.67/mes se factura $800 una vez al año

  • Up to 75 monthly orders
  • 1 domain
  • 2 users
  • 3 active campaigns
  • 3 scheduled campaigns
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Popup promotions templates



o $125/mes se factura $1,500 una vez al año

  • All features from the Essential plan
  • 150 monthly orders
  • 4 users
  • 6 active campaigns
  • 6 scheduled campaigns
  • Customizable popup templates



o $229.17/mes se factura $2,750 una vez al año

  • All features from the Growth plan
  • 300 monthly orders
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited active campaigns
  • Unlimited scheduled campaigns



o $350/mes se factura $4,200 una vez al año

  • All features from the Scale plan
  • 500 monthly orders
  • Priority support
  • Advanced segmentation

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