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  • Provide personal, real-time chat support to store visitors to help them with their purchase
  • Convert visitors to customers with targeted messages based on their behavior in your store
  • Let customers check their order status right in your messenger, without even needing to chat

Engage and support your customers in real-time to drive more purchases and increase retention

Help your customers complete their purchase

Offer friendly, personal live chat support to customers so they can get help without leaving your store.

Engage visitors and encourage repeat business

Send targeted, personalized emails to customers or visitors based on their behavior in your store to tell them about new products and promotions.

Enable customers to check their order status without starting a conversation

Allow your customers to proactively check up on their order via email or order number right in your Messenger home to reduce the volume of questions your support team is getting around order status.

Get a complete view of every customer

See a live profile for every visitor that starts a conversation, capture them as leads, and keep their full history when they become customers.

Find out more in our Shopify integration guide.

This integration works with Intercom’s Messages and Inbox products.

For help or support, you can chat with us at intercom.com.

Intercom reviews

8 reviews
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Great app but poor implementation. Its great to use as a messaging tool + the help desk is great but it lacks some features. For example, if you think you will be able to replace your mail box entirely, you simply cannot. With intercom you are able to respond to requests but lets say you simply want to write a new email message to someone who did not previously message you, you simply can't.

Also, the stripe customer order history, is very poorly implemented compared to most tools out there.

I'm giving intercom a 1 rating because for the high cost, these basic things should not be a problem.

Going to keep them as a messenger tool and integrate with helpscout. To me Helpscout is close to perfect, with the one exception that they don't have such a great messenger like intercom. I really didn't want to use 2 apps and was rooting for intercom. Again, I think their messenger is awesome, and I really like the simplicity of it, but when a customer reaches out you really want to know the details about the purchase without having to log in to stripe of shopify but within the app its just very confusing.

I really hope the intercom team can listen to our feedback and implement the changes. At the end of the day, they are charging and claim to be the best alternative so please show it. I really


The intercom app is great in general and can be integrated simply on most of the basics Shopify websites / themes and it's good for conversion if you can use it properly (we mostly use the live chat functionnalities). The pricing is a bit weird and it can get expensive if you keep all the contacts but it's easy to adapt to different kind of scenarios.

*If you have a custom theme or web app or if you don't want to use the default intercom themes you might have to do a bit of development work in order to make it work seamlessly and efficiently but it's nothing to complicated and their doc is good enough.


App doesn't even successfully load/install/connect. I'm receiving an error message stating they are experiencing technical difficulties.


The app itself is great and integrates nicely. We're huge fans.

However, the latency of the app is the real shame and is why it doesn't get 5 stars. This is by far the slowest tag to load at over 2700 ms! This definitely needs to be improved.


It does not work. The intercom people are very nice to continue extending my free trial but I have been waiting for over 2 months for this integration to be fixed. The existing customers in Shopify do not sync with the app. If you do not have Shopify premium, you cannot export a lot of the relevant information to be uploaded into intercom. That data such as user created date, etc. is the benefit of intercom, but we can't access any of it bc the integration doesn't work for previous customers.


We love intercom, is not cheap, but it works really wel if you want to cover your customer service across media.


We use Intercom in our SaaS product and love it. When we started using Shopify to distribute hardware, it was a no brainer to use this integration. So far so good and would recommend to all Shopify users who need to communicate with their customers (i.e. everyone).


We really wanted to use this app but it's a VERY POOR implementation.

1) It imports ALL Shopify accounts, even users that never visited or logged into our website. This is great for their pocket but not an accurate user count. We use 3rd party selling channels (like Amazon) and have those orders imported into Shopify. Intercom imports these @amazon.com accounts, even though they state they only count users as those that actually log into your website.

2) The Shopify customer and order data this app shows is pretty lame, compared to ZenDesk, ReAmaze or other helpdesks or live chat apps we've tested. It's raw data and you can't click on any of it.

Intercom has some great solutions and I hope they actually read this review and put forward a more useful app for Shopify stores. This review isn't about their service, it's about their Shopify app.


Use Intercom Messages and Inbox to engage, support and retain your customers at scale.

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