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4. Januar 2018

The app itself is brilliant, it has done everything I wanted and needed it to do and was so versatile in how it could be tweaked and changed and adapted to my specific business.

Joel went above and beyond in helping me out. Sending me links to information I needed, walking me through the different steps I needed to know, explaining why he didn't recommend the course of action I had selected with the app (using city names instead of postal code generated shipping zones) and then helping and showing me what I needed to do. Explaining why inputting individual item sizes and weights was not a good idea and encouraging me to go with 5 standard shipping box sizes that will address 99% of my shipping requirements and wont cause issues and higher shipping rates through the Canada Post interface. Being right there when I needed further clarification on something.

I walked away from this experience and purchase with so much respect for Joel and his Intuitive Shipping app. It not only looks after our needs today but can be easily adapted to grow and change with our company

A heartfelt "Thank You" Joel. You are amazing and how everyone that produces a product should stand behind their business and what they are offering!

True Colours Products
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Bearbeitet am 23. Januar 2019

Seems to be working well! Their customer technical service is fast and helpful if your a novice like me!

Eastern Bikes
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15. April 2020

Their app worked better for us than the standard settings in Shopify, by far. Their support is incredible. They went above and beyond to make sure the app worked as we needed it to, even following up with me on a Saturday. The app works perfectly and sold me on the features and settings, but their support OVER SOLD ME. Highly, highly recommend this app!

Sibu Seaberry
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5 tage mit der App
21. August 2018

Intuitive Shipping solved ALL of our problems regarding different shipping rules based on customer tags. Their app is user-friendly, easy to navigate and easy to set up. Their customer service is phenomenal as well. We tried many other shipping apps and this is by far the best.

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1. Dezember 2017

There are no shipping apps on shopify that will allow me to customize individual shipping fees based on the box sizes I am shipping out. In the wine business, we are required to ship wine in special packaging which is costly and we need to be able to charge different fees for each of our box sizes in addition to shipping. All the other apps wanted to charge a fortune to customize this solution (i am talking thousands!!) Same with the shopify developers, they wanted to charge a fortune! Then I found this app and gave it a try. The customer support is awesome. If I have a question, i email and get a response. He even spent HOURS on the the phone helping me learn the system and how to customize the shipping settings to my stores individual shipping needs. Most people will not need hours to set this up. I just had a lot of specific package sizes and shipping scenarios I needed to set up. There is NO OTHER APP LIKE THIS ONE. All the other apps still use a one size fits all approach. Shipping is not one size fits all and neither should your shipping capabilities.

Taylors Wine Shop
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1. Juli 2021

Helped me get a free shipping rate for non-wholesale customers for a promo over a holiday weekend. I was able to get what i needed quickly and without much friction.

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Bearbeitet am 23. September 2020

Very customizable app. Was able to group # of items per shipping container, and automatically charge for a second container if more items were purchased. Able to set different conditions for different product types. Support has been amazing, pre- and post-purchase. Highly recommend

Music Posters And More
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Bearbeitet am 5. November 2019

Customer support has responded to me within an hour each time I've asked a question. Their app documentation is also really good.

I was able to build the exact shipping scenarios for my carrier accounts through Intuitive's interface AND test all of it for free on my own schedule with their amazing test mode feature.

If you want to collect exact shipping charges for all of your shipping zones and create specific rules for users based on tags as well this app will get it done.

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Bearbeitet am 2. Dezember 2017

This app is a DREAM!

My shop ( utilizes two different shipping options for some unique products, as well as a variety of international options. I was tearing my hair out trying to find an app that could accommodate my needs. That's when I saw a forum post on this product. I went for it and am completely blown away! Not only does this app overcome any shortcomings of the basic Shopify shipping, it's literally the answer to all of your shipping customization prayers. The potential for customizations is unlimited.

I shot an email to Sharon on a Friday night- and not only did she get back to me the next morning with a "Yeah, we CAN do that!"- she offered to have me set up a Skype session THAT DAY with Joel, the developer...and he not only talked me through the process, but made numerous helpful suggestions and took the time to explain how the logic worked...and he LISTENED to what I needed. I'm a complete doofus on the tech side, but Joel made this a pleasant and straightforward process! Integration with Shopify is super easy and...well, surprisingly INTUITIVE- like the name! This is literally like having a custom shipping program. And with individuals like Sharon and Joel standing behind what they do, it's incredibly satisfying to work with them.

These people absolutely love what they do and it shows! I see this app becoming THE custom shipping app for many Shopify stores. I would not hesitate for a second to get this app and take advantage of the amazing service that they offer! I don't usually jump for joy about stuff like this, but Intuitive Shipping is really helping me to take my business to the next level with this app!

Do yourself a favor and check this one out! And tell everyone you know once you get it installed!


Tannin Agatics
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