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6 juillet 2023

It has a major flaw. The app does not notify you when any product is missing the dimensions or weight - and then customers can't check out.

Dimensions or weight can be easily missed when duplicating or creating a new product. If no dimensions or weight exist, the customer will get an odd error at checkout which says "we cannot ship to your region". There is no further explanation for the customer.

We have lost significant sales with this due to the lack of notice in the app about a product missing dimensions. One happened recently where somehow the dimensions disappeared from the product. We lost a month worth of sales on a major product until a customer notified us.

The intuitive app NEEDS alerts on this because something that prevents checkout is vital to a store and needs to be handled immediately. The only solution given by the intuitive team is you can export a spreadsheet (manually) which lists items missing dimensions.

What the app really needs is an email alert each time a product is missing weight or dimensions. This is literally stopping sales if it's not in there. So it is vital enough information that it needs an alert system.

NO TOX LIFE (wholesale)
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Intuitive Shipping Inc a répondu 6 juillet 2023

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't have a positive experience with Intuitive Shipping. While it seems like an obvious addition to have notifications if a product is missing dimensions, many of our customers use SmartBoxing for only a portion of their catalogue, so the email notifications would quickly fill up their inboxes and create unnecessary noise.

Instead, we suggest that our clients using SmartBoxing for their entire catalogue create a backup shipping scenario that covers situations just as you outlined; if someone forgets to add product dimensions, orders will still go through. This is a significant reason why we include a free onboarding session and ongoing support so that we can fully understand your shipping requirements and suggest the best way to configure the app.

Unfortunately, the error message is in your Shopify settings and cannot be rule-based, it is universal for your store. We can absolutely help you head to the right area in your Shopify settings to change the language.

Paul has reached out to provide instructions on how to create backup rates, including a call to ensure we understand the entire breadth of your shipping requirements and that your configuration reflects your store's needs.

Sharon Green
CEO / Co-founder

9 avril 2023

Great concept, and does everything i needed, well sometimes it did. definitely has some bugs and issues. but the biggest problem is the customer service. you cant get in touch with anyone over the phone, by email only and they dont respond quick. i constantly had customers tell me they cant checkout even though they are within the "rules/settings". and there is nobody to give you any help. I switched to "shipping and delivery shipzip" and it works great with amazing customer service.

Pesach Meals
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Intuitive Shipping Inc a répondu 9 avril 2023

I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy your experience with Intuitive Shipping.

I reviewed the support history on your account, and our team responded to all inquiries promptly. I can see we also followed up to verify the issue was resolved or if you had any additional questions or concerns, which unfortunately, you never replied to. We would have appreciated the opportunity to assist you further, though we can only assist when we know we are needed.

We used to offer call-in support but switched to call bookings a few years ago. The high volume of merchants we onboard lead to sometimes hour-long hold times that weren’t respectful of our clients’ busy schedules. Call bookings ensure a reserved time slot is available for our clients and gives our team a chance to review their requirements ahead of time to ensure the most efficient use of time. I notice you utilized this service and I would appreciate feedback on how it could have worked better for you.

Regarding bugs in the app, my understanding of the issues you were experiencing is that they were due to the configuration instructions not being implemented as per our guidance. Intuitive Shipping is an extraordinarily powerful app that processes millions of shipping calculations a day and is trusted by some of the world’s largest retail brands. We do take any claim of there being a bug in the app seriously, so if I’m incorrect in my understanding of the circumstances after reviewing your ticket history, please let me know.

Again, I apologize that you did not enjoy your experience with Intuitive Shipping.

Warm regards,
Sharon Green
CEO / Co-founder