Stockbot low stock Forecasting

Stockbot low stock Forecasting


Forecast low stock products before they go out of stock

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Inventory Forecasting

Forecast your customer demand and your stock reorder quantities accurately. Forecast based on past sales, lead time and days of stock.

Low Inventory Alerts

Get an email report with the list of items that are below the low stock level set by you. Set alerts on products, variants or collections.

Avoid Over Or Under Stocking

We help you stock at the right time and the right qty so you 1. never loose a potential sales or 2. Tie your capital in overstocked items

Stockbot low stock Forecasting 정보

StockBot offers you separate plans for Low stock alerts and Forecasting.

Stockbot's forecasting plan:

In the Forecasting plan, you can forecast your future demand and reorder quantity. The forecast is based on your recent sales history, lead time and how many days of stock you want to keep.

Key Feature of Inventory Forecasting

  1. Forecast products that will run out of stock: Choose the timeframe of the sale you want the app to sample and predict the inventory required for the upcoming days. Reorder quantity is automatically calculated using inventory on hand and forecasted sales.

  2. Identify slow-moving products: Stockbot’s Forecasting plan also identifies slow-moving items in your store so you can take action to free up cash tied up in unsold merchandise.

With our forecasting plan, you can save thousands of dollars lost on missed sales.

Stockbot’s Low Stock Email Alert Plan:

In the alert plans, you get an email report with the list of items that are below the low stock level set by you. This gives you enough time to restock before those items go out of stock.

How does Stockbot Alerts work? Simple!

You set a low-stock alert level and your email preference: Daily/ Weekly/ Hourly. When any variant's inventory falls below your low-stock alert level we include it in the report emailed to you.

Key Features of Alerts:

  1. Set alerts on Products, Variants, Collections or the Entire Store Get notified by email when any variant falls below the low stock level you’ve set.

  2. Get Daily/Hourly/Weekly emails: Choose when you want to receive low stock emails. Each email includes an excel-friendly CSV file for download. Hourly emails tell you which items are low stock since the previous hour.

  3. Unlimited email recipients: Send the email report to multiple people in your inventory team, sales team or even vendors. No limits on how many email addresses you can add.

  4. Identify newly low stock items: The daily emails identify which items became freshly low stock since the previous day saving you time when you are ready to reorder.

  5. Realtime Web Report: Check your low stock items any time of the day using the real-time web report.

We offer stellar customer support right from installation: Add an app now! Get 14 days FREE Trial.

In FREE Plan get Low Stock Email Alerts & Real-time Low Stock Web Reports. Applicable only to the stores with less than 200 products.

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Email Alerts Free


  • Only a store-wide low stock alert
  • Daily/Weekly low stock e-mail Alert
  • Real-time web report
  • For stores with less than 200 products

Email Alerts Basic


  • Alerts on store, product, variant
  • Daily/Weekly email alert
  • Real-time low stock web report
  • Exclude products or variants
  • Up to 10K product



  • All features in the Basic plan
  • Plus, Hourly email alert
  • Collection alert
  • Alerts by location
  • Up to 10,000 product



  • Demand Forecasting
  • Re-order qty recommendation
  • Slow sellers list
  • Plus, All features in Email Alert Pro plan
  • Up to 10,000 product

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Very useful. It gives me a weekly inventory count.
It allows me to keep my inventory fully stocked as well as being aware of any back order fast.

개발자 회신

2021년 9월 27일

Glad our app is helping you stay on top of your inventory keeping it fully stocked. Thank you for the review!


This app helps me stay on top of my inventory levels and plan ahead. I wasn't always catching items that were getting low on stock, so having this has helped avoid that 'sold out' sticker!

개발자 회신

2021년 9월 16일

Happy to hear that you find our automated low-stock alerts very useful. Thank you for the review!

221B Tactical

Great customer service, helped me all the way to get this app set up properly. Support team immediately responded to error in file upload. Thanks!

개발자 회신

2021년 8월 19일

Thank you for your review! We love setting up our customers for success.