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21. Februar 2024

Initially, I cannot recommend it to customers who use ShipHero. Considering its price, the system and implementation have been difficult. A simple matter has been made really complicated. Training costs $5000, where basic things are explained, but for the most part, I have had to dig out the answers myself. Pricing is based on revenue and does not meet expectations.

Customer service has been quick on the part of Inventory Planner. It's unfortunate that training is done by a third party and they are unable to answer more challenging questions.

I recommend first exploring lighter options such as Fabrikator.

Dick Johnson
3 monate mit der App
Inventory Planner by Sage hat geantwortet 1. Juli 2024

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We sincerely apologize for the difficulties you encountered, especially regarding your implementation and training process.

We understand that a smooth and straightforward onboarding experience is crucial. Your concerns about the complexity of training are being taken very seriously. We're currently working to streamline our implementation process and improve our training resources to make them more comprehensive and user-friendly.

It's also concerning to hear that you found the partner training insufficient for addressing more advanced questions. We are auditing and enhancing our training partnerships to ensure that all our customers receive the highest level of support and expertise.

I genuinely appreciate your positive comments about our support team at Inventory Planner. They are committed to providing quick and effective assistance, and we will continue to strive for excellence in this area.

We respect your honesty when it comes to exploring lighter options. However, we believe that with the improvements we're making, we’ll continue to provide the robust solutions that our customers rely on.

Thank you again for your feedback. It’s invaluable to us as we continue to improve our offerings.

Best regards,
Mike G.

23. Mai 2023

The app itself is helpful, but I've never seen slower support.

After our trial phase I wanted to sign up as paying customer and could not log in due to a technical issue being redirected constantly to the "end of trial" phase page.

No replies whatsoever from the support. Not what you expect from such an app.

Maison Baum
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
Inventory Planner by Sage hat geantwortet 25. Mai 2023

Hi Maison,

Thank you for your feedback, I'm really pleased you find the app useful and you're looking to migrate from your trial to use the app as a paid-up customer.

Regarding the slow response times, due to your location, you were connected with one of our representatives in the UK. Looking at your conversation history your last message was late in the evening our time so she had finished work for the day. Since then we've reached out a few times, but have heard nothing back. Off the back of this review, my colleague has reached out again, hoping to make contact.

Hopefully we can connect with you as we'd love to welcome you as a customer and see you grow and thrive on Inventory Planner.

Tom (Inventory Planner by Sage)

10. Juni 2023

The app is very useful. Dated UI but overall functional. Support and billing, however, is a nightmare.

If you're a new customer signing onto their new pricing model and the setup is correct from the start, you'll likely enjoy the product.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your account, buckle up and get ready to have your patience tested. Repeatedly.

For most customers this will be an important pieces of their tech stack. And once integrated for inventory management, the cost and hassle of switching to another tool means customers are a little locked in. In my experience that lock in risk is not offset with good support times or follow through. Fingers crossed that improves.

June Home Supply
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
Inventory Planner by Sage hat geantwortet 12. Juni 2023

Hi there,

Firstly, I'm glad you're finding Inventory Planner useful.

I've spoken to our success team who you have been engaging with regarding migrating your accounts from one to another which I understand, for the most part, we've been able to complete.

There are some remaining issues which we're working with you on, and as a result of which, we're reviewing our processes to make things more straightforward onward for you and our other customers. Whilst not your aim from the outset, we do appreciate your partnership, specifically your candor and feedback which allows us to evaluate the above.

We are committed to doing the right thing, for your business, and beyond.

Thank you,
Tom (Inventory Planner by Sage)