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Gluten Free For Life

So far so good. There have been some glitches but it really helps that there are live people to help me when I need them, and any problems I've had have been resolved. Thanks!


Inventory Source app is really great for drop ship integration set up. Excellent customer service by Harry. Harry helped me out switch supplier really fast and easy. I definitely recommend Inventory Source.

Delirium Toys

An honest review: This app is pretty easy to use. Looking forward to them adding some more features, but it works well and does what it's supposed to do. Also gives you access to several manufacturers which is nice. The pricing is higher than I think it should be, especially comparing it to how many options are out there now, but for what it is it's good, and as I said, they will hopefully be adding more functionalities and perks in the future, which would in my mind help offset their high cost. I am giving them 4 instead of 5 stars, solely based on their pricing which is a bit absurd, tbh. However, they offer a good service and I believe they will add more features in the future to make the price work, or lower their prices, although that seems unlikely, unfortunately.

Pros: -Plenty of Vendor Options -Easy to Use App -Easy to Understand Process -Good customer service response the couple of times I have reached out -New Products added regularly

Cons: -In my opinion, absurdly high prices -Does not automate fully unless you pay over $100/mo -Many Vendors don't offer full product descriptions or variants -Does not have enough features in my opinion, to justify the cost -You still have to pay the processing fee that the vendor charges, Inventory Source only allows you to order and sync your inventory, depending on plan. It does NOT cover whatever fees the actual vendors have per item you order -You have to edit items in the I.S. app in order for changes to apply in Shopify. If you make a change in Shopify and not in I.S., the next time it syncs is will override and not save what you changed in Shopify (Exceptions are tags, product type, and SEO)

Grain and Blade

The interface is easy to use which makes pricing a cinch. Inventory Source has a great selection of product suppliers.

Boerum Hill Chemist

Inventory source has been extremely helpful in getting our drop-ship and ecommerce integration set up quickly. Definitely recommend it as a great tie into a plethora of drop-ship suppliers


Excellent customer service and many suppliers. You feel the backup of a serious company and his employees.

Inspirations Gifts and Goodies

This app is great for me because I just set it and go. No more worrying about keeping my inventory up to date.

The biggest reason for giving 4 stars is that it uploads inventory and quantity to my shopify store and this has saved me hours and hours of time. Once uploaded I do have or had to change a few things to have items fit into my store's proper category and collections. But now things are operating smoothly. A couple of things can be a bit confusing but asking questions helps get the answers to get your catalog moving forward. I do wish questions could be answered in a quicker manner though. But overall I am happy with Inventory source, it is a big help. I may look into their other options as my store grows and adding more integrations. Again, 4 stars. Good stuff.

I wanted to give a review from the experience I've had so far...

"I am a real customer"...

Inventory Source makes it easy to setup and use their available integrations. The integrations are growing steadily and are exactly the products I need for my store.

I now carry high end products and have a beautiful website with full automation. IS has treated me nicely over the phone and through emails. Any questions I had, my account manager was there to assist me and I was always taken care of. I plan on adding at least 4 more integrations for multiple websites in the near future. After much research and talk with my team, inventory source was our first option and it is going beautifully.

The best thing is my customers will never purchase an out of stock option. The back end is loaded with options and features you can't get on Shopify. Don't want to show the products that are out of stock on your page? They can do that! It's simple once you learn the software. I know some stuff but I'm no expert so the setup being as easy as it was is great.

After my first integration, I realized how much time this app really saves me. With a click of a button I can add 1 -thousands of products! You can change the category, title, add pricing structures and a lot more. If you've had a different experience, it's probably because you thought it could integrate with anyone... If you ask nicely, and have a legitimate supplier, they will reach out to them to add them to their integration list.

I hope this helps both the company, Inventory Source, and all of you drop shippers out there! Good luck and cheers to much success!!!!

Lady Adrienne's Cauldron

I Love this App Keeps my inventory up to date without much effort on my part Thank you Lady Adrienne

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