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2 april 2024

Their customer service is not great.
Since UNFI has switched to working with them exclusively, the prices have gone up a lot.

AllPeople Marketplace
25 juli 2023

Stay away. Inventory Source is a scam that lies to you to get you to sign up for premium plans and then doesn't provide the promised service. Their website is designed to scam with hard to find information on what a supplier supports and they also lie about what "premium" integration actually does with certain suppliers. All designed to get you to sign up for the premium plans. When confronted about it, they ignore your concerns and just make excuses even though everything they promised is in writing. Additionally, if you look at the profile of their leaders on Linkedin, they have all moved their focus to a different company so I'm sure there is little effort being invested to improve Inventory Source.

Pet Supply Kingdom
27 dagar användning av appen
18 juli 2023

DO NOT USE THIS APP. They wiped our store clean, every single product. Now we are listing 250+ products back by hand. They stopped our business for a few days and are not taking responsibility. They synced with TD Synnex, and then loaded in the whole catalog, 22K proudcts, when we asked them to revert that, we come back to a store cleaned out of product pages we spent thousands of hours on.

2 månader användning av appen
Redigerat 5 april 2023

SERVICE THEY WILL ABANDON YOUR WEBSITE WITH ALL PRODUCTS AND COLLECTIONS THEY DUMPED IN AND YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN TO FIX ALL THE DAMAGE. Now that I have cancelled this awful service I have been basically left on my own to delete Thousands of Products I can’t sell because they are sold out and clean up my entire website. They don’t provide support. They gleefully take your money but the minute you realize how awful they are and cancel their “services” you are kicked to the curb with zero support and a ruined website. A very fitting end to an incompetent, awful company that only cares about taking your money.

UPDATE TO REVIEW BELOW: they claimed last October to have fixed the faulty feed issue that caused me to refund all orders I got through them. It’s now March 2023 and I get an order from
Them and the SAME issue exists - the products are out of stock on my supplier yet Inventory source shows 150 items in stock for that product - when i reach out to them they respond they are aware of the issue?!?! For how long have you been taking my money and doing nothing?!?! ! And they still refuse to refund me. So I am just ending my relationship with this incompetent company that doesn’t care about customer service or care about giving accurate info,

Oct 2022 review
Inventory source was sending me a faulty and inaccurate feed for months. I was selling things that were actually out of stock from the supplier. I had to refund hundreds and HUNDREDS of dollars in orders. I reported it to inventory source and they fixed it after a few weeks. When I asked to be reimbursed for months of getting a faulty feed they said it’s not their fault. That’s what you will get with Inventory source; An in accurate faulty feed and when you ask them to make it right they’ll say it’s not their fault. This is what Mark from the Inventory Source Support Team said to me: "The issue is not from our end, the supplier Morris changed their SKU number from their feed. We are in the process of reintegrating the supplier and updating the correct SKU number in the feed." So apparently it is not Inventory Source's responsibility to ensure they are getting an accurate feed. But it is your responsibility to pay them for whatever feed they send to your store and cause you all kinds of headaches.

Mer än 6 år användning av appen
26 maj 2021

I am forced to use this app because my main supplier uses it. It is not consumer friendly at all. The "pricing rules" are ridiculous and do not work for me in pricing my products. I had to schedule an appointment to get help (because they dont even have a phone number to call for help) Once I did get on a meeting, the guy was zero help. He then blew me off saying he had to take another call. He promised he would work on my issue and email me. That was weeks ago and I have yet to hear back from him or anyone. I promise if I wasnt forced to use this app I would not be wasting my money.

Mer än 2 år användning av appen
26 maj 2018

We've been using Inventory Source for over a year and have had nothing but problems with the app and integrations with our suppliers.

To name a few issues:
- Not updating stock levels, causing us to sell items that were out of stock or showing items out of stock when their are plenty in stock with the supplier
- adding duplicate products to our store (this has been ongoing for 6+ months working with support, who always says it's fixed and it truly never is)
- Not processing orders automatically like advertised
- Chat support rarely follows up on issues and is generally unprofessional when responding

I would not use this app if you can avoid it, way too many issues and DOES NOT make dropship automation easy, it complicates it far more than it needs to be. We are in the process of moving away from IS and will not be looking back.

Wicked Mt Outfitters
Ungefär 2 år användning av appen
14 april 2021

HORRIBLE. You would be better off manually managing your products with suppliers. Their support is somewhat responsive, however very generic. They don't address the issues at all and don't seem to care about making sure you are on-boarded properly. We upgraded to all of the top packages including their integration with Etilize, after a week back and forth on why the advanced information was not uploading to our store, they told us we were on the wrong platform and would have to "transition" to a premium service... of course at another premium price. There has to be better options out there.

TecNation Canada
11 månader användning av appen
Redigerat 5 april 2019

I was using this app on my website until it just kept breaking. I wish you could give zero stars, but I was able to find an alternative, so I am happy now if you want to lose all of your money. Inventory Source will help you do that. Private message me for details on how they handle issues. They were deploying bugs to live environments where my products would be ZERO INVENTORY all weekend at some points even longer. So please do yourself a favor and stay far far far away.

8 månader användning av appen
18 januari 2020

I'm very frustrated working with Inventory Source. If you can get it up and working properly, it seems to do it's job...but the challenge is getting anything going. Help is VERY hard to come by.

They DO respond to emails, but they're frequently unhelpful replies that don't address the question you actually asked, or take hours to get back to you. This is inventory automation software, guys. If the inventory is down, the customer (*me) is down. That means I can't serve MY customers and I look bad.

Getting a person on the phone or chat is impossible, you have to schedule that days out. (see above, re: downtime) and email responses are typically hours. So, you get to sit there and stare at your screen for a while in hopes someone gets back to you soon...and if they do that the response addresses your actual concern.

They're nice enough, and they DO respond...but they are SLOW and don't seem to understand the gravity of the issues that their customers are dealing with...or they don't care.

If you have another option, I'd suggest looking at it thoroughly or have some ironclad tech guys hiding in your closet and LOTS of patience. (LOTS.)

-Guy whose store has been down since Thursday

Casual Toys
7 månader användning av appen
14 september 2017

Pain to use, they will not mark your website up with the right pricing, Just too many problems using them.

Lees Krazy Props
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