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12 juni 2023

The app is a great idea for people on Shopify for an automated ordering system. Further than that this is a typical program that provides ZERO support. You only get chat support and they are not that helpful. They waste about 30 minutes of your time and then have to "switch over to email" chat for further support. They usually come back with a lack luster solution and sometimes it takes longer than it should being that it could have big impact on your stores daily sales. 2 weeks into using it and I am looking at & almost forced to upgrade to their sister service at double the cost because it is the only way that I will get phone support.

Clark Armory
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
7 december 2017

Wouldn't recommend to new store owners. Try Oberlo first before paying to use IS.

Nature Foot
Mer än 2 år användning av appen
Redigerat 27 april 2019

This could be a fantastic and invaluable app for sellers looking to resolve stock sync from a supplier to their Shopify store. There is a little bit of a learning curve with the app but once you figure it out it's fairly easy. The filter and update feature within the dashboard is too limited making editing more difficult and time-consuming than it should be.

The problem is - and it's a big problem - that the sync provided by Inventory Source is missing half of the data you need to actually make your store work! Once you start to analyze the data most of it is actually not complete and authentic from the supplier, but is poorly parsed with so many errors you can't fully use it.

For example:

- The feed data doesn't contain all description tags from the supplier meaning you don't have the product descriptions that are vital to sell most products. If you have hundreds or even thousands of products, this becomes a big problem and you can't add the descriptions that really should come with the sync.
- Inventory Source doesn't provide sync of variables from the suppliers data such as size options, volume, colors, etc. Products with multiple options end up all over the place in separated listings. It becomes a headache and pretty impossible trying to organize this mess into Collections and search filters.
- Some of the synced data is outdated and did not match the suppliers data. Some prices did not reflect the actual product price.
- Synced stock availability was not always accurate.
- The sync didn't come with the UPC/EAN codes meaning you cannot sell the products on other platforms, like eBay or Amazon, etc., where these codes are a must before you can list anything.


If you want to sync supplier stock data without ability to automate the order processing they charge $50 a month which is excessive.

For Full Automation (Auto-Order processing, Sync Shipment Tracking to Sales Channels) Inventory Source charges an over-priced $150 per month with a limit of only 250 orders per month for 1 supplier.

You can get a more comprehensive feed with unlimited products, UPC codes included, and automated order processing (which Inventory Source charge $150 p.m.) for only $20 per month from other suppliers.

In other words, the most vital features are missing to even make it useful. What exactly am I paying for then? And forget about refunds... they won't refund you anything. I wasted two months on setting up my store plus their fees due to this poor quality third-party parsed sync. I have to start from scratch.

Had the sync been of much better quality and not faulty and missing so many vital details, this could be a "must-have" app for Shopify.

The Perfumerie
4 månader användning av appen
Inventory Source svarade 22 april 2019

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. However, I don’t think it’s a fair assessment to lump “the feed” into one category. We have over 200 suppliers with all different inventory feeds, and we have no control over what data the supplier decides to provide. We are simply the automated software link between your store and the supplier. Of course if you would like to reach out to our support we are happy to evaluate any specific integration.

Also to clarify on your comment about the “manual import” of stock data, this is simply not the case. In all of our plans we provide full inventory and product data automation, meaning automated uploads of product data and syncing of inventory. Unlike some of the other apps/software you might see ours allows you to quickly upload (and maintain) tens of thousands of products while controlling your supplier feed to exactly the products you want, priced at your exact price, and into your specific categories. In many cases, this would take a full time employee’s salary to be able to manage this for an ecommerce store, so we feel $50/month is a fair price to accomplish all these typically manual tasks.

6 juli 2020

I am currently using this app and thinking of deleting it. I paid $150 to integrate HomeRoots and all of the trending and actually decent products have gone down to 0 inventory. Not to mention, I had to pay another fee to HomeRoots. So far none of the products have even sold, because like I said, the decent ones all have 0 inventory, which you can't see before paying the hefty fee.
So I was all excited to get furniture on my store, and now I am putting just ok products because I mean, I am paying for it and I would like a return.

Customer Support is NOT HELPFUL. They are asking me for information that I am not sure how to get and so far they have not replied so I can get that information. And apparently it is essential information if a product is ordered to have this set up.

Will most likely be deleting by end of this month.

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