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October 10, 2022

Bad software, worse customer service. They just do not care. Stay away, stay far away. Doing nothing is better than working with these guys. Really realy bad

United States
Time spent using app: 21 days
Edited March 23, 2023

LAST UPDATE TO A MISERABLE EXPERIENCE: Now that I have cancelled this awful service I have been basically left on my own to delete Thousands of Products I can’t sell because they are sold out and clean up my entire website. They don’t provide support. They gleefully take your money but the minute you realize how awful they are and cancel their “services” you are kicked to the curb with zero support and a ruined website. A very fitting end to an incompetent, awful company that only cares about taking your money.

UPDATE TO REVIEW BELOW: they claimed last October to have fixed the faulty feed issue that caused me to refund all orders I got through them. It’s now March 2023 and I get an order from
Them and the SAME issue exists - the products are out of stock on my supplier yet Inventory source shows 150 items in stock for that product - when i reach out to them they respond they are aware of the issue?!?! For how long have you been taking my money and doing nothing?!?! ! And they still refuse to refund me. So I am just ending my relationship with this incompetent company that doesn’t care about customer service or care about giving accurate info,

Oct 2022 review
Inventory source was sending me a faulty and inaccurate feed for months. I was selling things that were actually out of stock from the supplier. I had to refund hundreds and HUNDREDS of dollars in orders. I reported it to inventory source and they fixed it after a few weeks. When I asked to be reimbursed for months of getting a faulty feed they said it’s not their fault. That’s what you will get with Inventory source; An in accurate faulty feed and when you ask them to make it right they’ll say it’s not their fault. This is what Mark from the Inventory Source Support Team said to me: "The issue is not from our end, the supplier Morris changed their SKU number from their feed. We are in the process of reintegrating the supplier and updating the correct SKU number in the feed." So apparently it is not Inventory Source's responsibility to ensure they are getting an accurate feed. But it is your responsibility to pay them for whatever feed they send to your store and cause you all kinds of headaches.

United States
Time spent using app: Over 6 years
April 24, 2022

Terrible App! These are not wholesale prices - more like retail prices with MSRP 30% above retail. Plus the suppliers are terrible.

Way Up Gifts
United States
Time spent using app: 2 days
May 26, 2021

I am forced to use this app because my main supplier uses it. It is not consumer friendly at all. The "pricing rules" are ridiculous and do not work for me in pricing my products. I had to schedule an appointment to get help (because they dont even have a phone number to call for help) Once I did get on a meeting, the guy was zero help. He then blew me off saying he had to take another call. He promised he would work on my issue and email me. That was weeks ago and I have yet to hear back from him or anyone. I promise if I wasnt forced to use this app I would not be wasting my money.

United States
Time spent using app: 4 months
April 18, 2021

Everything went well at first. However, there were a lot of pricing errors. I ensured that my settings were correct. I made sure that the items in question had a listed wholesale price. I made sure to turn on the function "Do not sell below wholesale price." I ensured that my markups were correct and still I had many orders that I had to cancel over Walmart. I made them aware each time that this happened. Lawrence wrote a long, condescending response saying that it was probably because I am new and do not know what I am doing. However, I provided proof by sending screenshots of the problems, showing that the error was in the software. Eventually they just stopped responding. I should have been suspicious when Lawrence called me late and only spent 2 minutes on our onboarding call. Avoid these people like the plague. Their software will damage your seller reputation. I had a 1200 bed from HomeRoots get listed on Walmart for 50USD. That's just not okay, and the problem was never fixed. I'm switching platforms, and you should also.

Dara Enterprises Handelsbolag, LLC
United States
Time spent using app: 24 days
April 14, 2021

HORRIBLE. You would be better off manually managing your products with suppliers. Their support is somewhat responsive, however very generic. They don't address the issues at all and don't seem to care about making sure you are on-boarded properly. We upgraded to all of the top packages including their integration with Etilize, after a week back and forth on why the advanced information was not uploading to our store, they told us we were on the wrong platform and would have to "transition" to a premium service... of course at another premium price. There has to be better options out there.

TecNation Canada
Time spent using app: 11 months
February 17, 2021

It says there's a free plan. There isn't. $99 a month is too much to invest in something for a new business that might not bring in any money. I don't need full automation this early, and I certainly am not paying outrageous fees for something when I can just go to the wholesaler and buy merchandise without the middleman. Maybe once my business is more established. I am so sick of companies claiming there is a free option when there isn't.

Addicted Geeks
United States
Time spent using app: About 2 hours
November 10, 2020

I signed up for Inventory Source about a month ago and have had nothing but major frustration and time consuming problems. I paid $225 per month for the FULLY AUTOMATED Pro plan. Here is a list of issues that I encountered: 1) Customer Service takes at least half a day MINIMUM to respond to messages. There is no phone number, only emails to communicate with them. They take days to even try to address issues. After weeks of trying to communicate with them, almost none of my issues were ever addressed. 2) It takes days to import new products to your store from the supplier feeds. Also, only a small portion of the products I selected from suppliers ever imported to my store. 80% did not. 3) For the products that did import, most had erroneous or missing financial pricing information (Incorrect list price, completely missing Cost, Margin, Shipping and Profit data. IS actually suggested that I manually input all this data for thousands of products even though I paid them for the Fully Automated Pro plan. (There is no Shipping cost field to include that information at all, so you would have to manually keep track of that for each item, if you want to know your true cost)). 4) Once a product is imported from the supplier feed, there is no indication that if the supplier ever changed their pricing that it would update your existing products in your store. This is especially true if you were to manually update your product pricing like IS suggested to me to do. Likewise, I never saw any products that were subsequently inactive or zero qty to be removed from your store product feed. I manually removed many of the products from the supplier feed import (I removed all Doba watches for example) and days later those products are still in my Shopify store. 5) Many of the suppliers charge a very high shipping cost making it impossible to competitively price your products. (Ex: $14 for a tshirt shipping from USA to USA). 6) There are 2 main aggregate suppliers in the IS app. US Direct and Doba: In addition to paying Inventory Source $225 per month for their FULLY AUTOMATED Pro plan, I had to also sign up and get approved by both US Direct and Doba to use them as suppliers. I had to purchase an additional monthly plan to use them. So in total, I paid almost $400 per month to use IS and the 2 suppliers I chose. (I am not 100% sure if it is true for all the suppliers, but I did look at a few of the other ones and you had to sign up and pay them monthly as well). 7) US Direct is Inventory Sources flagship supplier. US Direct and IS are pretty much the same company: US Direct claims to offer almost 1 million products. In reality, approximately 850,000 (85%) are tshirt products (tshirts, tanktops, hoodies and work shirts) that have no product description, and no materials info or supplier/manufacturer name. As far as I can tell they are generic, non-brand products that are way overpriced. You would have to charge around $45-$50 for a hoodie or workshirt and $25-$30 for a tshirt or tanktop to make even a small profit. I just do not think many people would be willing to pay a premium brand name price for generic, no name products, especially when they can get very similar tshirt products for half that price from Amazon, Walmart, Ebay or dozens of other well know online stores. (Face the facts. You ARE competing with these retailers and customers WILL take 15 seconds to Google products to see if they are getting a competitive price). Of the remaining 150,000 or so products, many are generic niche products that most retailers would not want to offer in their store. For example, there are thousands of Tactical Products (Mostly firearm accessories/parts such as holsters, cleaning kits, gun sights, etc). Unless you are specializing in a gun store, I do not know why you would want to offer these products. Out of all the products being offered by US Direct, I found less than a few thousand that I thought I could competitively compete with and make a decent profit. However, most of these were fragrances. I found NONE or almost no apparel products available at all. (Ie clothing, shoes, hand bags, etc) 8) Doba: I spent about a week looking at Doba products. In my opinion, The majority of what they offer are products that nobody would want in their store and many are way overpriced and have long shipping times and high shipping costs. For example, they offer items like Sushi Chef outfits, Japanese clogs at over $50 each, and thousands of bras and panties. Also, a lot of just plain weird products such as unattached neck collars. Of the brand name products they offer, many of them are grossly overpriced with overinflated MSRP to try to fool you into thinking they are worth more than they are. For example, I looked at hundreds of brand name watches. Doba suppliers will offer a watch at $168 wholesale price with an additional $10 shipping fee with a 7 day or longer shipping time They will set the MSRP price at $450 to try to convince you the watch is worth much more than it is. Amazon will offer this same exact watch for $135 retail with 2 day free shipping. This is typical for almost all of the brand name watches Doba offers. When I brought this to IS attention, they had the audacity to suggest to me to offer the watches at a much higher retail price on my store to make money. They completely ignored the fact that any customer will most likely spend 15 seconds googling that watch to see what other stores are selling it for. They also refused to acknowledge that any customer that comes to my store and sees products being sold at much higher prices than other retailers will most likely cause that customer to never return to my store AND tell their friends not to come to my store as well. For the other brand name products, most of them seem to have supply issues with almost no inventory. For example, offering only qty 1 of a single size for a shoe. I could go on and on about the issues I have had with Inventory Source. But will end it here.

Worldwide Bazaar
United States
Time spent using app: 25 days
Edited August 27, 2020


Cartel De Amore
United States
Time spent using app: 5 months
May 26, 2020

Learn to code.

I tried integrating D&H with this app and service. Unfortunately, they over-promised and under-delivered. Their app did not sync correctly with D&H and it was placing the estimated retail price (ERP) in the equation as the minimum advertised price (MAP). Thus all of my tiered pricing was messed up.

I contacted customer service and the first time they blamed me. Didn't even bother to investigate. Once I proved to them it really was broken, they then wanted me to learn to code to change the file at D&H.

Sorry I paid for automation, not customer no-service.

Buyer beware!

Church Technology Superstore
United States
Time spent using app: 4 days