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Ecom Outlet

Terrible experience! The app is too complicated. Not worth the frustration. I only had this app for two days and I'm already fed up with it.


If I could give them 0 starz i would you pay them and the vendors a monthly fee and the shit dont work right WTF


Update July 24, 2018

Inventory Source is now removing products from my store for no reason, and is no longer picking up products from D&H properly. I make sure that the option to remove out of stock products from the store is disabled in IS, and the removed products have since come back into stock, yet products still keep disappearing from my store.

I contacted their support and they were unable to provide a solution, now I have a customer who is looking for one of the products that has just come into stock, but IS keeps un-publishing the product every time it updates, and I have to manually re-publish it again.

Their support is now totally MIA, and I have a potential sale hanging in the balance. As a new business this could be make or break for me. My dreams of becoming an entrepreneur are hanging in the balance in IS is just effin' the dog.

Not happy.

Update June 4, 2018:

IS is now working, and products seem to be syncing to my store.

The directory of customer success reached out to me, in an effort to make amends. I appreciate that. I don't feel it excuses the over a week long process to get this set up, or the fact that it took a negative review to get IS working, but I can appreciate that sometimes things go wrong.

I will keep updating my review as things move along. So far, I finally feel like things are moving in the right direction, though the on-boarding process was much longer than I expected. I hope it ends up being worth it.

----------Old Review---------
I can't believe how much trouble I had with this app. Right now, I don't even believe that it works at all. Because after weeks of going back and forth with support, they keep coming up with excuses as to why inventory syncing won't work. Right now, I've literally paid money for no reason, other than to give them money for services not rendered.

Trust the other 1-star reviews. I should have and didn't.

Wicked Mt Outfitters

We've been using Inventory Source for over a year and have had nothing but problems with the app and integrations with our suppliers.

To name a few issues:
- Not updating stock levels, causing us to sell items that were out of stock or showing items out of stock when their are plenty in stock with the supplier
- adding duplicate products to our store (this has been ongoing for 6+ months working with support, who always says it's fixed and it truly never is)
- Not processing orders automatically like advertised
- Chat support rarely follows up on issues and is generally unprofessional when responding

I would not use this app if you can avoid it, way too many issues and DOES NOT make dropship automation easy, it complicates it far more than it needs to be. We are in the process of moving away from IS and will not be looking back.


Beware of Inventory Source. They do not deserve one star. They do not deserve to be on Shopify. They have had a technical issue for the last 5 months we have tried utilizing this app. They will edit your store products even if a item isnt out of stock. They once added 16,000 products on our website by mistake and gave us a month free. Since then they have edited our Featured Items list without permission and have told us each month that it's a technical issue. They have been unable to fix the technical issue in 5 months and it keeps reoccuring and we keep having to spend time fixing our site. A shopify guru told us that we are are not not the only Shopify store that this has happened to and that it has been noted as a reoccuring problem for other stores in Shopify. That being said Inventory Source cant get it together. So beware, you may have to spend hours fixing what they change on your website because they cannot figure out the technical issue. At least they gave us a month free-once....And seems that Shopify has their hands tied up and can only do so much, which is making sure that Inventory Source will respond in a timely manner. So be careful and beware of Inventory Source.


App sucks. Monthly prices are outrageous. Free account means absolutely nothing & is useless. You can't add any products to your store without first dishing out a huge amount of cash for an app that may or may not provide income.

Lees Krazy Props

Pain to use, they will not mark your website up with the right pricing, Just too many problems using them.


Clearly states free, Not free, Charges 50.00 per supplier to even use.

Yourturnkeystore 639

turnkey website was terrible all they could say is there not in website business, no configurations for shippiing, they told me to call all my suppliers, lack of customer service is obvious. Paying someone 250.00 to make it look better. Nothing turnkey about it! Click on link, look at my page that is what they gave me, it looks horrible


I agree took with all negative reviews. So quick to take my money while it took forever to setup with suppliers. Little did they mention that getting setup with a supplier can be a night mare and take forever. Customer Service was the same lady that answered all the time but it seem when I thought my questions got answered it still did not fix the problem.

Was tired being on the phone everyday trying to get things sorted.

Steer clear use another inventory source besides them.

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