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Inventory Source

Inventory Source

Developed by Inventory Source

72 reviews
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  • Expand your Shopify inventory with wholesale drop ship products
  • Automatically loaded and updated in your Shopify store
  • Direct integration with over 150 verified wholesale distributors

What does Inventory Source do?

Inventory Source is the leader in Drop Ship Inventory Management Solutions and can help you sell more and manage less.

We provide you with access to some of the largest wholesale distributors, as well as specialty niche suppliers and help you to work DIRECTLY with your wholesale product suppliers.

We monitor the product catalogs from our wholesale distributor network every day and make sure your website is automatically updated with thousands of changes to prices, inventory stock quantities, and new product additions.

We can load the products and images for the products you directly on your Shopify site, and provide you with custom data feed formats updated each day with the information from your wholesale supplier in any structure. Your product data can be managed on multiple websites and marketplaces from multiple product sources automatically.

We have developed simple push-button controls for the newest user to easily control their catalogs and updates, but with features so advanced even the most experienced power seller can improve their business and reduce the time and cost associated with their drop ship product data management on any platform or any marketplace like Amazon, Walmart, Jet, eBay, Rakuten, Sears, and more.

In short, we provide you with access to training, tools, suppliers and support to help you grow your business. If there is a product you want to sell and a place you want to sell it, we can help.

Inventory Source reviews

72 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (10 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (5 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (13 reviews)

good app, saves time money and effort


Great app. Good price and many options. Great customer service.


We've been using Inventory Source for over a year and have had nothing but problems with the app and integrations with our suppliers.

To name a few issues:
- Not updating stock levels, causing us to sell items that were out of stock or showing items out of stock when their are plenty in stock with the supplier
- adding duplicate products to our store (this has been ongoing for 6+ months working with support, who always says it's fixed and it truly never is)
- Not processing orders automatically like advertised
- Chat support rarely follows up on issues and is generally unprofessional when responding

I would not use this app if you can avoid it, way too many issues and DOES NOT make dropship automation easy, it complicates it far more than it needs to be. We are in the process of moving away from IS and will not be looking back.


There are some great reviews of our app here, however as you can see below the one directly under this is not so great :(

Unfortunately we can not get in touch with this customer and they no longer have a Shopify store. We looked into it on our end and we are not sure this is even a real customer.

We make mistakes and are committed to fixing them, but the review below is just simply... not true.

We don't add thousands of products by mistake... we don't add products at all these are all user controlled. We don't edit featured collections as our app doesn't modify or remove your existing collections. And lastly we have never had a technical issue for 5 months. We wouldn't be in business if it took that long to fix an issue.

We stand by our product and if you have a technical issue we will do everything in our power to solve it as fast as possible. We stand by our service as well and if you feel that our support is not up to par you can email me directly at travism@inventorysource.com and I'll ensure we are providing your top notch service.

It's unfortunate we have to leave a review to respond here, but something had to be said. This review is not fair or true and as you can see this "customer" is in the minority among our many happy customers.

-Travis | Managing Director


Beware of Inventory Source. They do not deserve one star. They do not deserve to be on Shopify. They have had a technical issue for the last 5 months we have tried utilizing this app. They will edit your store products even if a item isnt out of stock. They once added 16,000 products on our website by mistake and gave us a month free. Since then they have edited our Featured Items list without permission and have told us each month that it's a technical issue. They have been unable to fix the technical issue in 5 months and it keeps reoccuring and we keep having to spend time fixing our site. A shopify guru told us that we are are not not the only Shopify store that this has happened to and that it has been noted as a reoccuring problem for other stores in Shopify. That being said Inventory Source cant get it together. So beware, you may have to spend hours fixing what they change on your website because they cannot figure out the technical issue. At least they gave us a month free-once....And seems that Shopify has their hands tied up and can only do so much, which is making sure that Inventory Source will respond in a timely manner. So be careful and beware of Inventory Source.


Great App. It has been a great resource to upload over 20,000 products on to my website. I utilize it every day to manage product quantity, prices, etc. I would highly recommend, especially for sites with a large number of products.



I've been using Inventory Source for a few months and it works really well for my Shopify feed. It syncs/updates a few times per day and I've yet to have an issue with an out-of-stock item. My only issues are the lack of customer service on the weekends (when a lot of us new part-time e-commerce retailers are setting up and working on these type things) and the occasional lack of relaying information in a way easily understood to someone who does not have the same technical knowledge/vocabulary as the Inventory Source reps.


If you are starting out in eCommerce, and you have a store which you are selling a number of items, and it may increase or decrease in items, Inventory Source should be your partner. Especially if you have MAP, MSRP pricing requirements you need to honor.

I have 4000 plus items in my store, and may even add a second or third vendor feed as well, Inventory Source meets my needs. I have had small issues and things where resolved with in 12 hours.
What I like, twice a day i get an email which i can monitor on my phone, that my inventory feed was updated.

Also, I like that at any moments notice, anytime of day, I can adjust my catalog feed, search which products i want price overrides on, perhaps find certain items that I no longer want to carry, or add new products to my feed. Then push a force update. Then my store is done, no downtime no fuss, no messing about.
Overall, for what they are asking for the price and the customer support I get, I can't complain.

If you have a high volume sales store and you want to automate it even further, they offer an order fulfillment service as well. I don't subscribe to it, but I can only imagine it most likely is spot on as everything else seems to be.

If you have an eCommerce store and your wholesale vendor is supported, give'm try. Explore the tools they have, the tools are very powerful if you put the small amount of time into getting to know them, which isn't much, as they are very intuitive for the average eCommerce owner can easily pick it up.
If you are doing things manually, you are wasting time and money best put to promoting your business.


Inventory Source is a fantastic app, just wish it cost a little less! By far the best app in the Shopify Store for "Automatically Upload Products, Sync Inventory"


App sucks. Monthly prices are outrageous. Free account means absolutely nothing & is useless. You can't add any products to your store without first dishing out a huge amount of cash for an app that may or may not provide income.


App is free to install however Inventory Source Service is required to load products and sync inventory.

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