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Inventory Source

Inventory Source

Developed by Inventory Source

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  • Expand your Shopify inventory with wholesale drop ship products
  • Automatically loaded and updated in your Shopify store
  • Direct integration with over 150 verified wholesale distributors

What does Inventory Source do?

Inventory Source is the leader in Drop Ship Inventory Management Solutions and can help you sell more and manage less.

We provide you with access to some of the largest wholesale distributors, as well as specialty niche suppliers and help you to work DIRECTLY with your wholesale product suppliers.

We monitor the product catalogs from our wholesale distributor network every day and make sure your website is automatically updated with thousands of changes to prices, inventory stock quantities, and new product additions.

We can load the products and images for the products you directly on your Shopify site, and provide you with custom data feed formats updated each day with the information from your wholesale supplier in any structure. Your product data can be managed on multiple websites and marketplaces from multiple product sources automatically.

We have developed simple push-button controls for the newest user to easily control their catalogs and updates, but with features so advanced even the most experienced power seller can improve their business and reduce the time and cost associated with their drop ship product data management on any platform or any marketplace like Amazon, Walmart, Jet, eBay, Rakuten, Sears, and more.

In short, we provide you with access to training, tools, suppliers and support to help you grow your business. If there is a product you want to sell and a place you want to sell it, we can help.

Inventory Source reviews

72 reviews
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We are continuously having inventory syncing issues. This is happening on a weekly basis, and now going on 72 hours with no update at all to inventory numbers. It's especially worse over the weekends when support is not available, or doesn't respond to your messages about the issue. It has been causing, and can cause and has caused orders to be canceled because warehouse will say they are out of stock. We have no idea what inventory numbers are after 3 days of no updates yet we must continue to process orders. Software is improving some but some simple things that would make it more user friendly and more adaptable rather than constantly having to view multiple pages for data are missing still, though suggestions have been made. Support team is helpful but it's a constant state of back and forth emails due to software issues. Time spent would be more valuable finding more profitable products to sell rather than emailing back and forth issues.


Great support, works as expected.


Wouldn't recommend to new store owners. Try Oberlo first before paying to use IS.


It's pretty effective. Saves quite a bit of time.


We have only been using the Inventory Source app now for a couple of months. Everything has worked as advertised and it saves me a lot of time. I would recommend this to anyone looking for inventory automation. I am giving it 4 stars only because of pricing


Personally, my business has only been using the Inventory Source app now for a few months. At the beginning, we had some issues, but the customer service was very responsive and got things running again. Altogether, we are very pleased here at need/want using Inventory Source for our inventory automation and in the future hope to have them add full automation to our company.



Team is responsive and willing to help this non IT individual out. Start up and integration was smooth. I would recommend for sure. Justin is the man!!


Great selection and integration plans. Pretty seamless and no hassle.


Overall Inventory Source has been phenomenal in both the service they provide and the level of attention their support team gives you.

- I don't have to import, filter, and manage pricing for thousands of products.
Which ultimately gives me the freedom to have so many products

- Their customer support group is amazing. Very helpful and attentive. I usually
get a reply within 1/2 hour.

- They have lots of suppliers to choose from for integration.

- Lots of Rules can be set up in the configuration.


- Can get pretty costly when adding multiple suppliers, would like to see a
discount has integration count goes up.

- Getting custom data feeds can sometimes not be feasible. (not sure if this is
an issue with inventory source or the supplier.)

- You can't specify a certain margin you want to make on each product. I'd like
to see that feature added. Only $/% discounts or mark ups are available

In summary, I'm very happy with inventory source and will continue to suggest them to fellow ecommerce owners.


Pain to use, they will not mark your website up with the right pricing, Just too many problems using them.


App is free to install however Inventory Source Service is required to load products and sync inventory.

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