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Inventory Source

Inventory Source

Developed by Inventory Source

72 reviews
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  • Expand your Shopify inventory with wholesale drop ship products
  • Automatically loaded and updated in your Shopify store
  • Direct integration with over 150 verified wholesale distributors

What does Inventory Source do?

Inventory Source is the leader in Drop Ship Inventory Management Solutions and can help you sell more and manage less.

We provide you with access to some of the largest wholesale distributors, as well as specialty niche suppliers and help you to work DIRECTLY with your wholesale product suppliers.

We monitor the product catalogs from our wholesale distributor network every day and make sure your website is automatically updated with thousands of changes to prices, inventory stock quantities, and new product additions.

We can load the products and images for the products you directly on your Shopify site, and provide you with custom data feed formats updated each day with the information from your wholesale supplier in any structure. Your product data can be managed on multiple websites and marketplaces from multiple product sources automatically.

We have developed simple push-button controls for the newest user to easily control their catalogs and updates, but with features so advanced even the most experienced power seller can improve their business and reduce the time and cost associated with their drop ship product data management on any platform or any marketplace like Amazon, Walmart, Jet, eBay, Rakuten, Sears, and more.

In short, we provide you with access to training, tools, suppliers and support to help you grow your business. If there is a product you want to sell and a place you want to sell it, we can help.

Inventory Source reviews

72 reviews
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  5. 1 star (13 reviews)

I agree took with all negative reviews. So quick to take my money while it took forever to setup with suppliers. Little did they mention that getting setup with a supplier can be a night mare and take forever. Customer Service was the same lady that answered all the time but it seem when I thought my questions got answered it still did not fix the problem.

Was tired being on the phone everyday trying to get things sorted.

Steer clear use another inventory source besides them.


Don't waste your time!!! I was so very upset that my questions responded after a day or 2. Very poor customer service.They should give extra support for the newbies.


Just visited my dashboard and loving the new update. Modern, easy to use. Keep it coming guys!


The one company that they decide not to use anymore, had to be the one i was using, couldn't have been any other supplier but this one.

They should be paying me for all the additional work that i have to do to deal with all of this.

They refuse to do anything about fixing the issue.



Great app, super friendly & responsive customer service. I am very happy with them, wish I used them earlier!


Great app. Works well. Looks great. Easy to setup. https://www.kinkytoy.store


If you are looking for apps that facilitates your order management or your inventory management then stop looking. These are the guys you need. Excellent product, unbelievable team giving timely and valuable support. Our site was very complex and they were a dream find as partners for our business - trueclub.com


Great App. Highly Recommended!


-Inventory Source Response-
Unfortuantely there is no way to reply on this review board, but I feel we need to respond to allegations from the review from (cool premier) below, who I worked with personally for many weeks.

I will not speak to this customer's specific issues out of respect for him, but I do want to clarify our offering that has been provided to 400+ other Shopify customers, many of which have left glowing reviews as you can see below.

Our TurnKey Shopify Stores are loaded with all your supplier's products, pricing, images, categories, descriptions, and more.... in a click of a button. The product inventory and pricing is kept in sync daily, removing the need for file uploads or manual updating.

With your store, you can choose from a list of pre-integrated suppliers or work with your existing supplier. Customer's are required to have a reseller account with their supplier to be able to sell their products and should understand that not all products on the supplier's website are available for dropship, per supplier policy.

Customer's should also note that not all suppliers provide images for every single product they list and that is why we provide a filter tool that allows you to filter these products out from being loaded to your site.

We want to make sure expectations are clear with all our clients and this is why we provide demos and more information on the following link.



I tried this company and opted for the Turnkey package. It instead turned out to be a nightmare. Products had been uploaded twice. I had picked two suppliers and then I found out one no longer deals with Canadian residences. As for my "turnkey" site, I had two dozen menu's which I had to condense. I was missing pictures and products and videos from my supplier. There was spelling errors in the descriptions of my products. When I complained about this they had bounced me from one support person to another all promising me to fix the issues on my site. Nothing was fixed properly. I then had the Manager contact me and reimbursed me promising to fix the on going issues. TWO MONTHS later all that was done was getting the items removed that had belonged to the one supplier who no longer dealt with Canadians. InventorySource at first wanted me to do the removing of products part! Noway I had said!
This is their idea of developing a "Turnkey site"!?!? I had canceled and ended this ongoing incompetence on their part. I ended up fixing all the issues and I know next to nothing about webpages. That should give you an idea how unprofessional this company is at turnkey sites! Stay away from them! And check your updates with your suppliers and make sure everything is in order. I don't want anyone else to go through what I did!!


App is free to install however Inventory Source Service is required to load products and sync inventory.

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