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Syncify - Auto Hide/Delete Products

Syncify - Auto Hide/Delete Products

Developed by Pujan

Price: Free – $3.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Easy to use interface.
  • (Real time) Hide the products temporarily or permanetly (online store) when its inventory or the inventory of all variants reaches 0.
  • SEO Friendly

This app is for the shops which have a lot of inventory and can't manually take care of the inventory. After you configure it, it runs in background monitoring changes in inventory quantity and updates the products.

Suppose you have 2000+ items on Shopify and have a lot of transactions going on. Many times, the inventory of a product reaches 0 and still, it shows in the shop cluttering the page with items that can't be bought. It can be taken care of easily by this app.

Inventory Sync solves three problems of inventory management.

  • Inventory Sync with quantity: You can choose to sync your whole inventory or choose collections whose inventory will automatically be synced when customer makes an order. Also, when you restock the items, the products will automatically be shown.
  • "Flush" products with inventory value of 0: If you choose this option, when the inventory of a product reaches 0, it is automatically deleted. You do it the same way as "Sync" by choosing collections you want to be flushed on regular basis.
  • Realtime updates to your stores when the customer buys an item.: Unlike similar products which work hourly or daily, this app runs in realtime managing the inventory once the inventory reaches 0.

  • Bonus!!

    Unlike other products where it is difficult to change which products should be hidden, this app offers a better solution.

    It creates redirects the visits to the deleted product to collections page. So, does not affect your SEO.

      Free if you have upto 2000 products in your store

    To create automatic flush/sync, go to the respective pages and create a new flush/sync with the preferred collections you want to use.

    Using the features on custom products:

    Create a new collection of producs that you want to "sync" or "flush". Choose the collection on the menu for "Sync Products" or "Flush Products".

      Also, if you have feedbacks or need a custom feature in this app for your store or need help setting it up, you can let me know. We can work that out together.

    Please wait a about a minute for the products to be visible and url redirect created in case the server is busy.

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    Free – $3.99 / month

    Free if you have upto 2000 items on your store. $3.99 if you have more.

    14 days

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