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InventorySync by Titania's Vault

InventorySync by Titania's Vault

Developed by Titania's Vault

Price: $9.99 – $14.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Save countless hours - refocus your time for efficiency!
  • Easy UX - minimum interaction for automation!
  • Update in real-time - quickly make changes effective immediately!

Do you manage multiple stores or deal with duplicate SKUs?

Let InventorySync update your inventory for you.

InventorySync will update any changes to your store inventory based on product SKUs. Whether you have duplicate SKUs in different products or duplicate SKUs in multiple stores, InventorySync will keep them all the same for you.

InventorySync lets you choose a store as a main store where all the inventory data will be coming from. Simply update that store and it will be propagated to all the linked stores. New orders made in secondary stores will cause update inventory in the main store as well.

InventorySync will update item quantities in real-time, is easy to setup and will get work right away.


  • Easily manage inventory in multiple stores

  • Automatically update inventory based on SKUs

  • SKU update of qunantity works with just one store as well

  • Update multiple store inventory from one main store

  • New orders will decrement quantities in inventory

  • Refunds will restock items in inventory

  • No need for CSV files, importing or exporting files

    • Simple Setup

      InventorySync focuses on automating tasks to minimize unnecessary user interactions.

      Setting up is kept very simple. Install the app and InventorySync will start caching your products to improve update speed. Link multiple shops together so InventorySync can keep all your shop inventory consistent.

      Need to update products? Just re-index the cache with a click of a button. Everything else is automated.

      Multiple Subscription Pricing

      We have 2 tiers:
      Limited and Pro.
      Both subscriptions are the same, except Limited will have a limit at 1000 SKUs.
      Default plan is Pro.

      Wonder if this is right for you? We offer 7 days free trial. Give InventorySync a try!

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Support was quick, helpful and concise. We don't have a large amount of inventory to sync but everything is updated perfectly.

$9.99 – $14.99 / month

Default plan is 14.99, which tracks unlimited SKUs.
For linking multiple stores, each store will have to install this app, which will be charged the monthly fee.

7 days

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