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23. Mai 2023

We are so excited to share my experience with Inveterate! We've been using the platform for two months, and its capabilities have blown us away.

Inveterate is an advanced, robust, and elegant membership platform that integrates seamlessly with Shopify. This makes it incredibly easy to create and manage a membership program that's tailored to your specific needs.

We've had zero technical issues since going live, and our membership numbers have steadily grown daily. The Inveterate support team is also fantastic. They're always available to answer our questions and provide us with the best-in-class support we need to optimize our program and keep our members happy.

If you're looking for a membership platform that's powerful, easy to use, and supported by a great team, then we highly recommend Inveterate.

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Bearbeitet am 4. September 2023

Awesome product

My Store
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Bearbeitet am 27. Februar 2023

You look for strategies or platforms that fundamentally change the trajectory of your business. Paid Membership through Inveterate has been precisely that. In the past, we've tried traditional dollars-for-points programs and never saw an impact on our business. In just a few short months of launching our program, we have a significant proportion of our customers subscribed as Members; we find that our Members are worth more than double our general customer cohort. Allison, Sam, and the Inveterate team have been fantastic partners in building our program; we've held hands with Inveterate through ideation, program setup, and post-launch. Although this is an "app", there's an incredible agency feel with the team. I couldn't recommend Inveterate enough - a real game-changer in the crowded Shopify ecosystem.

Flamingo Estate
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27. Oktober 2022

If you're looking for an out-of-the-box solution to get a membership program for your ecommerce business launched by this weekend, Inveterate is it. For our company (Shoely), offering a paid membership program was always part of our long-term product roadmap but seemed far off in the distance due to complexities of development. We were then introduced to Inveterate and their team had us up and running within a span of 2 weeks! Specifically, the features of the product we were most impressed by were that it comes pre-built to support all of the most important benefits you'd want in an exclusive membership program (i.e. discounts, access, reward allocation etc.) with plenty of customizations that allow you to make your program truly yours. Additionally, we found that the Landing Page builder super intuitive which made it easy for us to figure out how to best communicate the benefits of our program. You can check ours out here: I'd say the only thing more impressive than their great product is an even better team. Trey and Allison did a great job of supporting us on the front end and Sam, their CTO, was a rockstar in helping us fine-tune some of the more technical back-end items. Our membership program, though in its earliest stages, is already helping us drive lifetime value and has been a critical factor in our ability to raise capital to support our future growth. Thanks, Inveterate, for making it easy for us to execute something in 2 weeks that would have likely taken 2 years otherwise. Game Changer!!

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2. November 2022

Fresh Clean Threads (formerly Fresh Clean Tees) could not be more pleased with our experience with Inveterate. The Inveterate platform is advanced, robust, elegant, and most importantly - merchant friendly. Inveterate integrates gracefully with Shopify core functionality allowing your membership program to easily integrate with all potential marketing strategies, verticals, and other 3rd party apps. We have experienced ZERO technical issues since going live 6+ weeks ago and our membership #'s continue to steadily grow every day. The Inveterate support team is fantastic and provides best-in-class support ranging from program optimization to technical support. A++++++

Fresh Clean Threads
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17. Februar 2023

I literally can't tell you enough good things here. There was a huge software issue on the back end of my website. My whole inveterate program was gone. An employee didn't call me. A tech guy didn't call me. The OWNER of inveterate, called me, late on a saturday afternoon because he saw my email and new it was a serious matter. I am and will be a lifetime customer! A+ customer service in a world where customer service is going down the drain!

VitaMoose Nutrition
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