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  • Take any video that has your products, tag them, and in minutes your video will be "Shoppable"!
  • Customers can add products to their cart, continue watching, and when ready check, out directly from your video.
  • Extend your reach! Your videos can be shopped on your site, or ANY OTHER WEBSITE it's embedded in!

Using video is proven to increase conversions by up to 85%!

THE FACTS: Video is quickly becoming the number one media online. In fact, video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic! It's already the best way to market products and it's growing more popular every day.

THE PROBLEM: Viewers see something they like, and maybe even want to buy, but there are so many steps between seeing it and making the purchase that they often bail out before completing the purchase :-(

THE SOLUTION: Imagine while watching a video you saw something you liked, clicked on the item and were able to add it to a cart right then and there? Even more awesome, what if you could checkout and keep watching the video without ever leaving?

Introducing "Video Commerce"

"With a few clicks, make any video on your website shoppable"

In a nutshell:

Inviid allows you to take any video you host on YouTube (more coming soon) and tag your store's products within it. When a customer watching the video clicks on a tagged product they can shop it right then and there without ever having to leave the video!

77% of consumers say they've been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video. Inviid gives your customer the confidence they need to complete their purchase, and it’s so easy to use! No, really, it is! We’ve had people test Inviid and within minutes they were tagging products in their own videos.

Increase conversion in your store.

Videos have been proven to increase conversion by up to 85% on online stores. Now imagine if the videos themselves could be shoppable as well. If videos already increase conversion, and yours are now shoppable, that could potentially be a game changer!

Even just using the word ‘video’ in an email subject line can increase open rates by 19%, boosts click-through-rate by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%!

Your videos can be embedded anywhere!

Inviid videos can be embedded anywhere on your website, PLUS they can be embedded on any other website you want!

Customers shopping through a video on your store is cool, right? Well, what if that same video was embedded on hundreds of blogs and people could shop on each one of them, creating sales in your store? Inviid can make that happen!

Your videos can be embedded by you, or anyone else, on any site. If someone buys something it's exactly the same as if they bought it on your own store! Just imagine the potential exposure and possibilities.

Key features include:

  • Display single or multiple products at any point.

  • Detailed analytics: Inviid’s dashboard gives you a quick glance at all views, clicks, and shares while also tracking your most popular videos, purchases, and add-to-carts.

  • It even works with your product variants! Shoppers can click the product in your video and choose their size, colors, or any other options right in the video.

  • Since your products will automatically appear within the video itself, the sound doesn’t even need to be on for your customers to know what you’re selling.

Coming Soon

We’re already working on some amazing upgrades to make the shopping experience even easier for your customers.

  • The new ‘snap to border’ display will show your products in a bar at the side of the video player. This is great option for existing videos that may move too quickly to showcase your products as they appear.

  • We’re working on giving you advanced analytics so you can track video drop off, retention and engagement to allow you to further improve conversions on all your views.

  • Stay tuned for new interactive tags to further engage your customers!

If you have any integrations that you think would be useful, let us know! Send us an email to support@inviid.com.

Common Questions

Can I pay an affiliate commission to someone who generates a sale by embedding my video on their site?

This is something we are extremely excited for and is currently in development. The videos can already be embedded on any other website and when shopped generate orders in your store the same way they would if embedded directly on your store. Very soon you'll also be able to offer an affiliate commission for any sales generated through videos embedded on other sites!

Where does my customer get redirected when they want to purchase a product?

Nowhere! Customers add items directly to their cart and check out without ever having to leave the video player!

How will my products appear?

There are currently two ways to tag your videos. With product tracking, when you tag your items an icon will follow your product as it moves throughout the video. You can also set points when you want the icon to appear/disappear. Or, you can set up static tags where you your icons stay in one location throughout the whole video. This option is perfect for product demo videos!

How do I measure the success of my video?

The Inviid platform provides analytics about your videos including views, clicks and shares while also tracking your most popular videos, purchases and add-to-carts. This way you can accurately measure user engagement and ROI for all your videos.

What if I want to change the content of my tags after the videos been published?

Any video can be edited at any time, even after you’ve posted or shared the link to your video. We actually suggest users update and tweak video tags and placements after they’ve had a chance to review the stats and user engagement to help increase sales.

How much does it cost to use Inviid?

Inviid is FREE, and you’ll only be billed if Inviid converts sales in the video. Inviid will charge a 2% fee on any new orders purchased through the Inviid player, but you’ll get the first 30 days completely commission free. This means there’s no risk to you and you benefit from all the upsides of having interactive video.

Inviid reviews

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I'm very impressed Inviid. It works perfectly, easy to learn how to use and groundbreaking in it's affect.

I firmly believe that this is the future of the internet. I could see this leading to currently unthinkable possibilities such as video based interactive search engines or websites that are just one big interactive video. Tech progress is always driven by what appeals most to the masses and interactive media is where all the growth is.

Furthermore, Google gives priority to websites with video on their homepage. Creating a squeeze page and utilizing this tool to allow users to shop your store directly on your squeeze page is tremendously valuable for SEO and user experience.

This is a must have App for any Shopify store.


The platform is well documented and straight forward to use. But this is a very time and labor intensive process. They should try to figure out some ways to automate this more or at least semi-automate it.


Love the concept still waiting for customer feedback.


I love the concept but unfortunately it didn't play on a mobile. I posted on facebook and then tried to play it on safari mobile browser with no luck. It did play on my laptop though...


A 2% fee will be charged only on products purchased through the Inviid player. This pay-per-use charge means you only pay if we increase your bottom line.

30 days

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