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J'ai utilisé l'application durant très longtemps... malheureusement leur système bugge, génère des factures avec un mauvais montant de TVA, un mauvais montant global après remboursement, les exports sont complètements erronés.
Je l'ai signalé pendant trois mois, on m'a tenu le bec dans l'eau. Au final je n'ai jamais eu d'assistance réelle... aucune aide, aucune correction, et des dizaines de factures non conformes ont été envoyées au client. Cette application ne devrait même plus être proposée tellement sa fiabilité est faible.
使用应用的时长: 1年多

Hangs a lot & invoicing sequencing keeps troubling. not worth the amount charged per month. We face issues almost every month. They are unable to provide any sort of resolution & keep delaying it saying this issue never happened, and we are working on it. On the contrary, they have been sharing our data with third-party developers, which is not legit. Shopify should take legal action against such apps for breach of consumer data.

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Says free automatic invoices. But then asks you to pay for it. Super shady advertising. ill steer clear of this shady company

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Molecular Apps已回复 2022年9月21日

Hi Matt, I am sorry if the feature summary causes misinterpretation. Our feature of Automatic Invoicing has a Basic and Advanced version. The Basic version is made available for free in the Pay-as-you-go plan. The chargeable one is the Advanced setting.
We do not intend to mislead any merchant. Be assured that we have understood that this causes misunderstanding, we will be correcting it soon.
I am once again apologetic about this.
Invoice Falcon


I selected one customer to send an invoice to them and it sent invoices to every customer I've ever had even though the UI showed one customer selected. I am in the process of dealing with over a hundred customers that think I am charging them for orders they didn't make.

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App did not work well at all, after contacting customer support over the last 2 days with no response, I had to delete it and find something a little more suitable.

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Cons you into a payment plan. If you select the free plan expect to start automatically paying as soon as they've automatically issued over 50 invoices in a 30 day period. Disgusting monetisation model.

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Leaving this app soon - they have non-existent support and just take your money for a rubbish service and app. They make changes to "improve" their app that adversely impact other areas, such that invoices and/or credit notes are no longer accurate. Could manually correct some of these errors before, but latest error turning up cannot be manually corrected and requires their woeful intervention.

It's such a shame, because they started so well and gradually over the past couple of years have had a steep decline in customer service and reliability - suspect this is because the staff are seemingly entirely different now.

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