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We have just launched a multi-vendor marketplace with Marketcube. Day 1 we went live with 10 vendors and 700+ SKUs. We've had amazing support from Shazad (CEO) and his team. They respond all hours of the day and are committed to our success. We sleep better at night knowing that Marketcube is here to back us. Whenever we have asked for custom development to deliver features that enhance our value proposition, they've been on our side. I can see these guys really growing fast and becoming the go-to marketplace as a service platform for budding and large operators alike.

Apex Gear Company

Terrible/non-existent support. Their 'CEO' will undoubtedly respond with excuses and irrelevant remarks, seems to be the pattern. App lacks basic functionality to support multiple vendors, such as printing shipping labels for sold orders. This is an Indian-based crew so beware of very long communication cycles and difficulty getting your issue understood or resolved quickly. Unless you're also Indian that is! We dumped them for Jetti, good riddance. Now we're cruising on a ridiculously high-performing platform that is fueling more growth than we imagined. I'd pay double honestly. No looking back! ** What a cute response from the developer trying to cover for their own incompetence and point blame. We've never been abusive in any way. Grow up and fix your crappy software.

Developer reply

September 8, 2021

We as a business take a hard line to Merchants abusing our staff and will not compromise our integrity to lowering ourselves to their level. There is never a need for this kind of abusive behaviour, Indian or not, and hence we do not wish to deal with this Merchant at any level.

Hello Drinks

A very average app, Shopify deserves better! Had issues with over charging, their plans were misleading offering features that weren't included. Reported this to Shopify, and the App, got a very defensive response from management pointing fingers, made up our mind there and then to delete the app. From my experience, I would avoid it! Looks like they are cashing in now on the boom with big price increases for an average app.

BR Market

This is the most user friendly multi vendor app I have seen. It is extremely easy to setup new vendors and upload products. I got my vendors setup in minutes. This app is on the right path and with some enhancements I think it can become a top multi vendor app.


This app look amazing on papers, but it as so much bug and the customer services is just not so great but it's now better after we complain. We still have faith it but they have to prove us they can deliver. We will give them an other week or two but if they can't deliver we can wait longer for our launch. Our vendors try to connect there paypal, it fail, we try to have support to fix it, and its just so slow that our vendors get discourage. If they can have a better customer support and gives us live support in a 6h window they will become one of the top app.

Tiny Bodega

As an update, the company has refunded me 2 months out of 5. The company automatically charges a subscription fee after the 30-day trial. They explained this to me and have offered a partial refund. Although I would have liked a full refund, I now understand the fault was also on my end for not checking the trial terms. ------ I downloaded this app and immediately realized it did not have the capabilities I needed. I never used the app, nor did I activate a plan. However, I was charged for 5 consecutive months for the app. I reached out to the company explaining this error only to be refused a refund or any help at all. It's unfortunate when companies are dishonest. I would have hoped to refer them based on their customer service, even though the product wasn't right for me; however, after being charged nearly $400 and treated so poorly, I cannot in good faith recommend this app to anyone.

Developer reply

June 29, 2021

Hi, many thanks for you review. However, I would like to point out that we provide a 28 day free trial, that you as the Shopify store owner activated. We are not in anyway in-charge of your billing or for activating charges.

In this case you installed the app, agreed to the terms and then did not uninstall it for five months, we cannot uninstall it for you. The timeline of events is as follows:

1. The user installed the app on 27-Dec-2020 at 1:59 pm.
2. Recurring charge was accepted by the user on 27-Dec-2020 at 2:00 pm, this was accepted by the user only. The process does not proceed further till the time the user does not accept it.
4. The app was uninstalled by the user on 16-June-2021 at 9:06 pm.
5. On 16-June recurring charge was cancelled automatically.

We have a simple view, once an app is installed and Shopify has charged you then they pay us on a bi-monthly basis. We do not have any control on the charge that you agree to and activate.

Our terms of service are clear on this which you do agree to before you accept to go on a trial:

We are a services platform and once an account is active allocate resources to it, which we provide for free for only the first 28 days. This is no different to any other online service say NetFlix, that once the account is active, you have access to all the features.

It is unfortunate that you think we are somehow accessing your account and pulling money from it. To be clear there is no mechanism available for us to do that as all our subscriptions run via Shopify and you agree to the charges you incur on third party apps like.


I used this app with the hope that it will be better than the multivendor marketplace. The support is horrible!! They kept sending us the same link of a tutorial that doesn't work and wouldn't look into the problem.

Developer reply

June 29, 2021

Hi, many thanks for the review. I am looking into the issues that you had experienced, however, I believe your issue specially around the domain mapping is now resolved. I'm sure that my team has been in constant touch to resolve any other issues.

Portland Cottage Industries

It's okay, and mostly does what I need. Quality of individual parts of it is very hit and miss, documentation is sparse, and support is only helpful if you're persistent and are willing to suffer miscommunications and delays. Vendors have no complaints, and one says the upload process is easier than what she's used to with Shopify stores. This is the best aspect of Marketcube so far. However, we haven't officially opened so I can't comment on that side of things. The interface for approving items works, but is clunky. You have to visit the item to check what it is, but then you can't approve within that screen - you have to go back and approve in a different screen. Vendor pages exist, but it's unclear how to edit them or link to them from the individual products. I'll probably end up creating my own vendor pages because that's easier than figuring out Marketcube from their sparse documentation and hit-or-miss support (see next paragraph) Support is also hit and miss. The first time, I got a relatively prompt response with exactly the information I needed. The second time, they told me to do something I'd already done and asked for a screenshot I'd already given them. The third time was on a Friday, and they promised me screenshots on how to do something - which they delivered on Monday, and the screenshots appeared to use a completely different version of the software than what I had been given access to. What makes this worse is that the help bubble will not show you previous messages until you type something new, so if I want to check if there's an answer I have to type a nonsense message into the chat. One thing to help your experience: the app is slow when using it within Shopify, but is significantly faster if you access it on the Marketcube site. I hope to update this to a 5-star review eventually, but right now Marketcube too painful to use, the documentation too sparse, and the support quality too erratic.

Developer reply

February 21, 2021

Thank you for your review and sorry to hear about your experience. We have launched new interface and added significantly more features now, including stand-alone vendor pages (if you remember this was in Beta testing when you got access to it hence you experienced above mentioned issues with screenshots). Our support response time remains same-day, please do reach out to us directly if you have any more questions or feedback. We would love to help. Maria,

Local Artisan

This app provides the best user interface experience for running a small scale marketplace. Here is some feedback I've received from one of my sellers "Have to say this is a fantastic and very painless process, some vendor sites are so cumbersome and time consuming listing everything separately again then having to update manually. Good stuff!"
My sellers are able to sync their own Shopify feeds to my store making it a super easy process. Like all apps there are a couple of quirks but over all I'm very happy with the app!

Developer reply

February 21, 2021

Thank you for your review. Happy to hear you and your vendors are loving our Live Connect feature. Thanks for using Marketcube to operate your marketplace.


Great support from the team, the app is well done and easy to use. It covers all the main features one needs to create a marketplace. They are also constently developping new features and improving their existing ones.

Developer reply

February 21, 2021

Thank you for your review and we appreciate you choosing Marketcube to run your marketplace business.

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