Marketplace in a Box

Marketplace in a Box


Create your Amazon or Etsy style marketplace in minutes

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Gain Total Marketplace Control

All the tools you need to set up and run an Amazon or Etsy style marketplace with multiple vendor automated via code-free customisations

Empower Your Vendors

Powerful portal to allow vendors to manage all their operations. Frictionless onboarding and one-click integration to vendor stores

Automate Manual Operations

Automate all major marketplace operations, from vendor review, product approval and pricing to shipping management and vendor payouts.

Über Marketplace in a Box

Marketcube empowers you to transform your Shopify store to a fully functional marketplace-type business, like Amazon or Etsy. It provides all the tools to set up, monetise and run your marketplace with transparency. From shipping to accounting, get all the tools you and your vendors need to operate a marketplace at scale.

Fulfilment options we support: * Dropshipping * Consignment or E-Concession (ship to marketplace operator, or pick-up from vendor) * Click and Collect - Coming Soon

COVID-19 Update

In these difficult times, we remain relentlessly focused on providing you with the excellent service and hence are still offering FREE White Glove Onboarding, to help you set up and get going.

Before you begin please note:

  • This is the right solution for you if you want to run a marketplace-type business with your own vendors and products.
  • This is NOT a product sourcing platform for dropshipping.

Automated Marketplace Operations for You

  • Save time and eliminate manual errors by configuring and automating all major settings and terms required for scalable marketplace operations, from commission to product management to shipping.
  • Build and maintain your own branding thanks to flexible design, custom domain and other inbuilt branding features.
  • Make it easy for vendors to join your marketplace. They can be invited to join via an email or embedded link or you can create accounts on their behalf. If your vendors have their own online stores they can easily connect them without code, eliminating the need for manual product and order updates.
  • Get paid for every marketplace sale based on a pre-set commission. Automate vendor payouts to your vendors.
  • Be automatically notified of all activity and new orders in your store and stay up to date on all marketplace operations at all times, including order status and fulfilment.
  • Easily migrate to Marketcube from another platform thanks to a complete set of bulk tools (APIs available on request.)

Automated Marketplace Operations for Your Vendors

  • Your vendors get access to their own vendor portals and can manage their profile, products, orders and fulfilment.
  • Your vendors only see order and customer information relevant to them.
  • If your vendors are already on Shopify they can enable real-time inventory sync with your marketplace.

Enterprise-grade Data Protection and Security

Complete GDPR compliance, data encryption and protection.

Reliability & Scalability

Marketcube's cloud-hosted and micro-service infrastructure handles unlimited traffic and ensures your marketplace is stable and performant.

Dedicated Support

Our experienced team with over a decade of marketplace management experience is here to help. Contact us from within the app for real-time advice and support.

Integriert mit

  • WooCommerce,
  • PayPal,
  • Stripe



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oder $240/Monat abgerechnet zu $2,880 einmal pro Jahr

  • Vendors 75
  • Products 7.5k
  • Unlimited orders & customers
  • All tools and features available on all Plans.



oder $400/Monat abgerechnet zu $4,800 einmal pro Jahr

  • Vendors 200
  • Products 25k
  • Unlimited orders & customers
  • All tools and features available on all Plans.



oder $600/Monat abgerechnet zu $7,200 einmal pro Jahr

  • Vendors Unlimited
  • Products 50k
  • Unlimited orders & customers
  • All tools and features available on all Plans.
  • Note: Larger volumes available

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2.9 von 5 Sternen

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We have just launched a multi-vendor marketplace with Marketcube. Day 1 we went live with 10 vendors and 700+ SKUs. We've had amazing support from Shazad (CEO) and his team. They respond all hours of the day and are committed to our success. We sleep better at night knowing that Marketcube is here to back us. Whenever we have asked for custom development to deliver features that enhance our value proposition, they've been on our side. I can see these guys really growing fast and becoming the go-to marketplace as a service platform for budding and large operators alike.

Apex Gear Company

Terrible/non-existent support. Their 'CEO' will undoubtedly respond with excuses and irrelevant remarks, seems to be the pattern. App lacks basic functionality to support multiple vendors, such as printing shipping labels for sold orders. This is an Indian-based crew so beware of very long communication cycles and difficulty getting your issue understood or resolved quickly. Unless you're also Indian that is! We dumped them for Jetti, good riddance. Now we're cruising on a ridiculously high-performing platform that is fueling more growth than we imagined. I'd pay double honestly. No looking back! ** What a cute response from the developer trying to cover for their own incompetence and point blame. We've never been abusive in any way. Grow up and fix your crappy software.

Antwort des Entwicklers

8. September 2021

We as a business take a hard line to Merchants abusing our staff and will not compromise our integrity to lowering ourselves to their level. There is never a need for this kind of abusive behaviour, Indian or not, and hence we do not wish to deal with this Merchant at any level.

Hello Drinks

A very average app, Shopify deserves better! Had issues with over charging, their plans were misleading offering features that weren't included. Reported this to Shopify, and the App, got a very defensive response from management pointing fingers, made up our mind there and then to delete the app. From my experience, I would avoid it! Looks like they are cashing in now on the boom with big price increases for an average app.