IP2Location Redirector

IP2Location Redirector

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Geo redirect website visitor by IP geolocation,country & state

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Support IPv4 and IPv6

Future proof your store to ensure the support of both the IPv4 and IPv6 geo redirection - auto redirect visitor by IP Geolocation.

Redirect IP, Country & State

Redirect visitors based on IP address, country or state. Multiple redirection rules supported.

Instant Redirection or Pop-Up

Instant redirect the visitors or reconfirm with the visitor using a pop-up dialog.

IP2Location Redirectorの詳細情報

IP2Location IP Country Redirect helps merchants to easily redirect their visitors to the targeted destination URL based on their IP address, country or state.

Support IPv4 and IPv6

The App automatically detects the IPv4 or IPv6 address, geolocates it using the up-to-date and highly accurate geolocation data from IP2Location.com, for redirection.

Easy to install

No database installation or update required. All geolocation queries and redirection are being performed through Javascript from IP2Location servers.

Multiple redirection rules

You can create multiple redirection rules based on your needs. For example, you can create one rule to redirect visitors coming from the United States, and another one for visitors from Japan.

Support IP address, country and state

You can create rules to redirect the visitors by using their IP addresses, countries or states.

Instant redirection or custom confirmation dialogs

You can decide if to instantly redirect your visitors to the destination URLs, or to display a confirmation pop-up dialog giving them the choice if to stay on the current page or make way to the recommended destinations.

Customize pop-up dialog window

You can customize the design of the pop-up page to fit your theme. You can configure almost all aspects of the design.

Forward URL parameters

In some cases, the URL parameters are important to ensure the functionality of a page doesn't break such as the UTM parameters of the Google Analytics. The App provides you an option to decide if to forward or discard the URL parameters during the redirection.

Inverted redirection rule

Inverted redirection rule helps you to simplify the rule creation process. For instance, if you do not have the business present in just a few countries you can create a list of these countries and invert the rule. As simple as this.

Bypass bots or crawlers

You can decide if to bypass the bots or crawlers traffic from redirection.



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