ThinkConvert Visitor Blocker

ThinkConvert Visitor Blocker

av ThinkConvert

Block visitors from any country

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Block Scammers

And keep your store safe.

Stop Fraud

And keep a good credit rating.

Block Competitors

And protect your edge.

Om ThinkConvert Visitor Blocker

Thinkconvert Visitor Blocker is a simple but powerful plugin to help secure your store by denying access to scammers and high risk countries.

Single click install, easy to use and doesn't require any coding skills.

Using Visitor Blocker you may:

  1. Restrict specific fraudulent users from visiting your store.
  2. Restrict high risk countries from visiting your store.
  3. Protect your unique products and design from being stolen by scammers.
  4. Avoid unwanted risky traffic.
  5. Grant special permission to individual customers by whitelisting them.

How to use this app?

You do not need any coding skill to use this app! Get it today, keep your store secure and protect your customers from fraud.


You have a full list of up to 250 countries that you can blacklist. You have full control of banning a specific range of IP's, and entire cities can be banned using this tool. Your security is paramount.


You can grant special permission to individual customers in blacklisted country granting them access to your online store. This can be achieved through the whitelist feature. Ensure that you apply this function to entities that are trustworthy and profitable. You do not want to lose great customers because of a few rogue ones.

  • If we found any unusual activity from any shop, we have rights to block or any other action can be taken!



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4.7 av 5 stjärnor

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De senaste recensionerna


Run a high traffic site and this is the fastest app and most affordable blocker app by a logn shop. Great customer service. Highly recommended for blocking suspicious visitors/orders, noticed overall less chargebacks as a % of overall sales after installing


For the more technical blocking of customers, simple and easy interface for booking by country and IP. Was really useful to block countries I'm not interested in sending products to.


Provides a comprehensive list of countries and the ability to block by specific IP Address or a range, this is amazing. I didn't such apps existed.