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26. Januar 2020

Below is a copy/paste from an email when I found out my customers could only add one item per order. I don't currently use your app, but this is from uninstalling it when trying it out and you had some code not delete itself. Please forward this info to your programmers.

Hi ___,

___ here from the Shopify Theme Support team! I have been in contact with from the Guru team about the issue on your theme with the Add to cart button not displaying.

I've looked into this and the reason this was occurring was due to some code that had been added to your theme by the Tsunami Personalize + DropShip app that you had installed on your theme. This app included some code that was setting the Add to cart button to be hidden (i.e. display: none ).

When I temporarily removed this code from your theme the add to cart button displays as expected again:

It looks like you have uninstalled this app which means all code related to it should have been removed from your theme but it appears this wasn't the case. I have wrapped this line of code in {% comment %} tags which means it won't be being included in your theme so the Add to cart button will be visible, but if you want to remove it entirely then you will need to reach out to the App's developers to help you with that (or you can remove it yourself if you are comfortable doing that):

If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to reach out by replying to this email and it will go straight to me! Otherwise, our amazing Shopify Gurus are around 24/7 and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about using the Shopify platform!

Many thanks,

Nick C | Theme Specialist

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iPersonalyze hat geantwortet 3. Februar 2020

WhiteRiceCowboy... This is not our problem in reality. We don't like this as well and don't want this to be a problem for Merchants using our Tsunami App either. To be clear, this is not our problem to solve, this issue CAN HAPPEN WITH ANY SHOPIFY APP. Shopify is awesome and is aware of this and is almost always very responsive to these minor irritations. We have been advised that changes will be made so all apps are not affected. You should actually remove this would be the right thing for you to do please.