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27. Februar 2023

We have been very happy with Aidaptive’s personalization tools. We utilize their product recommendations and search on our site. The results are personalized based on machine learning. Honestly, the best part of working with them is their team. They are quick to jump on any issue and keep us updated on tests and updates of the product. team is very helpful and hands-on. They provide us data and testing (with a control) so we know it works. The personalized search and recommendations have both shown to increase our conversion rates and AOV. The personalized search has been tested against what Shopify offers and is much more effective.

Bearbottom Clothing
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14. Juni 2022

Wow!! I never thought that these kinds of tools would be made available to small businesses like mine, but Jarvis ML actually helped us manage sales and inventory with the finesse of a larger company. This intelligence engine for small and medium size businesses spits out important practical information and the analytics only get better over time (machine-learning - of course). It's like having a better version of Alexa sitting in your office and reminding you of all the things you need to keep an eye on to properly monitor your e-commerce brand's health based on a number of metrics. It looks at readily available information and cuts and dices it to provide real feedback about how your operations are going. Most importantly, the interface is simple and friendly. All in all, this platform FULLY democratizes machine learning for small businesses, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to use it!! Keep up the awesome work, Jarvis Team!!

Wipex Co.
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18. April 2023

We're getting A.I. product recommendations that are doing much better than the defaults / out-of-the-box / other simple rec tools. CTR and conversion rate seems to be growing steadily
Team is GREAT. Worked with a few different people. Very nice and helpful - highly recommend working with them.

Growing product suite. More I'm looking forward to launching soon (search and discovery, merchandising, email optimization, etc).

Dark Square Designs
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8. Juli 2022

For data driven businesses, Jarvis ML is the closest thing we’ve found to an institutional grade machine learning (ML) engine. From data cultivation to deploying data backed decisions, Jarvis ML has robust models that are constantly improving to personalize every customer journey. With the $16M seed round they just raised from Dell, they told me they’re hiring the most talented machine learning engineers & mathematical modelers to democratize ML for small business. DTC is a priority for us growing businesses and data is the bedrock foundation. I like how Jarvis ML makes everything self-serve & is constantly evolving our dashboards with features/metrics for executive decision making. Each individual business get’s their own intelligence engine and it cultivates/deploys data-backed decisions 24/7/365 to drive predictable revenue. It’s like hiring a team of 20+ data scientists/engineers for not even the price of 1

Reuben Oliver
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