Jet Integration

Jet Integration

by CedCommerce

Sell on Jet, list your products and manage orders.

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HORRIBLE .. Customer service is a joke, we asked specific questions before we uploaded our inventory to the app and they basically lied to us, telling us the app can do everything we asked. You cannot pick and choose what you send to Jet unlike what they told us. So now we have items under Jet review that we are not allow to sell on Jet.


Many glitches. Does not work properly. Does not acknowledge orders on time or does not acknowledge them at all. Due to this your Jet account will perform poorly and be suspended.

Rosa Vila Jewelry

I bought this app in a hurry and decided a few days later that I should just focus on my current sales channels rather than spending any effort on Jet. Contacted CEDCOMMERCE immediately but was told that they do not have a NO REFUND policy. This is absolutely not acceptable. What kind of services today has NO REFUND policy? I would give this company zero star if possible.

Sideline Sports Gear

This app is very difficult and the customer service is great at the beginning but non existent after you get set up. There are way easier and actually less expensive apps that make the JET app easier

Bliss Gardens

Find another app - you will be wasting time and money for nothing! Super frustrated with how this ended up. While I can get in touch with customer support, nothing ever seems to be fixed. Too buggy to be charging money! Claims it will import items from Shopify. Claims items are updatable via .csv. Only I get an error message every time. Once the initial setup is done, good luck updating, adding new items, pretty much anything. Inventory and sku's were never accurate. It's hard to sell items when no inventory is showing. Ended up with items for sale on Jet that I didn't even sell! Sku's not matching up correctly with pricing information. Go with someone else - anyone else unless you only want to sell 2 items a month (or less) on Jet. Jet has recommended API integrators listed on their site. Go with someone on there!


If you use Amazon fulfillment service, don't waste your time on this app. IT DOESN'T WORK!!! They said it is amazon's problem, and ask me to contact amazon....Then why should I pay monthly fee.
Here is the problem.
When Jet has an order, they can acknowledge and place an order to shopify store. BUT it won't be fulfilled by amazon automatically even you already set up everything. You will need to manual fulfill it. They cannot fix this problem. Customer service is so bad. I asked for refund, then never reply me message.


this is the 3 rd time i leave 1 start review since i was force to remove or they will not service the account, this time it be left for good
what i wrote earlier was nothing to what happened to me later, they failed acknowledging few of my orders on time, jet emailed me several times and than on November 14 they took me off jet , i was not aware of that till 11/25, cedcoomerce, never took responsibility and blame it on me, while the manager at at jet told me that , this was the result , and when they found the reason they put my account back up, while my product stayed on cedcommerce as archived , i had to beg them to fix it, i lost over 5K for this period with jet sales
i take all the blame on me since i should have left from day one, EVERYTHING they stated was a lie, nothing was true, (see below) most customers that using them is because of the "CHEAP PRICE" what a price i paid to save moeny, i could have been with channel advisor for 6 months
i am not here to promote another app, however there is an app that i moved to and from 2300 that i was listed with this company , they managed to increase it in a matter of 3 days to 4000 skues and with walmart from 4900 to 11,000 skue live , do not go near them unless you selling 2-3 item a month


original i gave 2 start , than when things start going worse and change it to 1
at this point they start answering my replies right away , the whole time they was pressuring me to change my review , saying if i don't , thire people will not be motivated to help , i changed it 4, since i saw they are really tring to fix the problem, after i changed my review , the problem got worse , they promised inventory sync to every 15 min , i found out it was not true, they said yes they had to change it to once every hour since it was too much load on thire server, after that i found out that its being synced twice day ????? many of my products still not listed on jet and walmart , they keep saying i ahve problem with my variant, or i have issues with no UPC, and its all worng i changed prices on uggs that i had i on sale 2 months ago , till now they keep being sold at the old price , losing over few hundred dollar , great cheap app if you selling 1-2 products a week, keep in mind ist not 24/7 support the way they claim its more like wait till we feel like answering you, they have an attitude as well , if you dare being upset, if i could put 0 i would


HORRIBLE! They act like they are Jet but they are not and when there is a problem they refer you to Jet but do not give you Jet contact information.
I set it all up and then you get instructions on how to manually (yes you have to be a programmer) set Jet up in this app. But no one tells you that JET needs to approve you first. So you try to log in and set it up and nothing works... cannot log in, you write to them they give you run a round. BUT NO ONE TELLS YOU THAT JET NEEDS TO APPROVE YOU FIRST AND THAT IS WHY YOU CANNOT LOG IN. HORRIBLE!


App is slow , crashed several times, wasted so much time on this crap , moving on to the next one .

Fresh Clothes King

App worked at at first, but stopped and does not work at all anymore!!! No help from customer service!!! VERY BAD!!! AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!