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16. November 2023

The products are always great however it has been brought to my attention by a customer of mine that the shoe size conversion from EU to US is in some instances wrong.
For instance my customer purchased a US size 10 and received an EU 47, but in fact it should have been an EU 44.

Union Jacked
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Etwa ein jahr mit der App
30. September 2023

There are great products on Jetprint, but I wish the process to create Personalized products was easier. I also would like to be able to copy my products to make different variations, instead of having to start from scratch for each new product. When I am creating my products, there is not an option to add a design from the DIY side unless I am making an order. This is frustrating.

New Genesis Market
Vereinigte Staaten
12 tage mit der App
1. November 2023

The app is fine, no problems. Integrated with Shopify no problem. Ordered samples will decide whether the actually supplier is great or poor after I see the results.

Pretty Rottens
Vereinigte Staaten
18 tage mit der App
20. November 2023

The Stars are for the products available on the platform they're great but the designing process is Abit frustrating with very few designing tools for example there's no creat patterns option and u can't scale the design or it will be low resolution please and more designing options. Thanks

Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 20 stunden mit der App
Bearbeitet am 24. Januar 2023

I have yet to see their quality, as I am still making products, but slow CS response time (mid conversation the assistant dipped for more than 15 hours as of now) and literally asking to be reviewed EVERY time I move pages or try to work on a product disrupts work flow.

On to what I have found so far, 3-6 week ship time for most items (Watches for example) means customers will be waiting a long time for the item. No assurance on if its shipped with your business information or theirs, also they ship the bill of lading/RO sheet/Whatever WITH the item with a different price on it than customers will be paying which will lead to issues as well.

But I do like that they have things I have not seen elsewhere. It would be nice if they could do something about shipping times and the invoice issue.

On the user side of things, the whole site looks like an Ali-express site that you get to modify which means that the products have long, similar names to each other because they are keyword stuffed instead of made for customers (us) to use best. You have to take down item numbers in order to find it again because the ability to clone a item and then edit the image in it is not possible from what I have seen.

Edit: Even AFTER leaving this review it continues to barrage me with 'please rate us' things. If this keeps up, I will uninstall.

Edit: 2 Weeks and STILL getting 'rate us' requests.

Vereinigte Staaten
8 monate mit der App
JetPrint Fulfillment hat geantwortet 18. April 2023

Hello my friend, my apologies for the previous unhappy experience and unusually slow response. For now, JetPrint POD Center has reorganized a better-dedicated customer service team to help you deal with the problem in time. Therefore, we really appreciate your important feedback and advice on the User Interface. We will continue to improve the website including functions and products, please kindly allow us a little more time to test it before the official launch, we'll inform you as soon as the optimization is completed.

19. April 2023

Great catalog, especially the shoe and sneakers, however i am experiencing issues when trying to upload images , it tells me unable to upload due to "unstable connection". however on any other app I have no problems uploading the very same images. If this problem can be resolved then it will be the best app to use.

6 monate mit der App
13. Februar 2023

Very hard to use after you save your products you can't edit the design. The review minimun 100 character......Very bad app

NaNa 7 Fashion
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
JetPrint Fulfillment hat geantwortet 18. April 2023

Thank you for your feedback here my friend. Currently, uploaded design drawings cannot be modified directly, you can adjust the design and upload it to recreate a new product to replace the existing one. We've sorted out your question to our technical department, and they've already started to optimize this problem. Really sorry for the temporary inconvenience here, but it will surely be updated in the near future

31. Januar 2023

The product choice is good, some mockups in the clothing don't look that good, I'm using other services but I am interested in the bags, shoes and watches, I'm impressed by the shipping times offering and the prices, but the design system is not very good lacking in one key feature I use in other POD services and that's the ability to use Patternize or pattern making, the color selection is a bit simple, everything else seems pretty good.. only thing keeping me from really embracing this is is a better designer system..

2 monate mit der App
JetPrint Fulfillment hat geantwortet 18. April 2023

Thank you for your feedback here my friend. It's very kind of you to give us important feedback on designer system optimization. We've sorted out your question to our technical department already, we're updating our coding and UI page for better and easier operation in 2023, I'm sorry for the temporary inconvenience here, but the mockup page and the entire experience will surely be better in the following months.

14. März 2023

love their large selection of products, just wish I was able to add more products to my store, the app keeps freezing when designing a product.

Ethnic Twist Designs, LLC
Vereinigte Staaten
7 monate mit der App
JetPrint Fulfillment hat geantwortet 18. April 2023

Hi, thank you very much for your affirmation of the product types on our website. At present, our technical department is trying to solve the problems you feedback. We're quite sure that in the near future, our website will bring you a better sales experience.

Bearbeitet am 28. März 2019

I loved the phone grips and added a ton of those to my store. The quality of production is good but the shipment is very very slow. Every order takes over 4 weeks to complete. Add this app only of you are going to hold inventory because the both fulfilment and shipping is super slow.

They seem to add or remove products from from inventory as they please. One day 90% of my products from this store went out of stock without notice. They dodnt bring it back till i pointed it out.

The chat service was great at first but the response became slower over time. Its just one person and she’s very sweet and seemed overworked.

Masala Pop Store
Vereinigte Staaten
Mehr als 2 jahre mit der App
JetPrint Fulfillment hat geantwortet 18. April 2023

Really appreciate your important feedback and advice here my friend, and glad you like our products! After years of precipitation and versions update, our User interface, and design function has been more optimized than before, and we have reorganized a better-dedicated customer service team to help you deal with the problem in time. Welcome to our website to customize your design again, we'll guarantee a better experience and real-time assistance, and fast shipment for you. Please feel free to contact our support team, we can provide you with a free sample.