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15 oktober 2022

they provide the worst customer service ever, never responds to messages and if they do it takes 2-4 wks. I have orders that my customer never received the product. To have such a good product, I'm extremely disappointed in the service!!!!

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Bewerkt 10 maart 2021

Unfortunately I did Not test the ordering before making products available to my customers ( and I really should have read the reviews). It has been 9 days since ordering and have not gotten an update. The phone number to contact them does work so I’ve now tried emailing for an far very disappointed. Will likely be removing products and app.

Imagery Matters
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JetPrint Fulfillment heeft geantwoord 10 maart 2021

Hello there, this is JetPrint's support team lead, first, we truly apologize for the inconvenience brought to you on the following up for your orders. We've been busy processing new printing technology, products launching and parcel exporting these days.

The average production time is 3-5 working days(depending on the quantity of the order products, and the average shipping time for Standard Delivery is about 14-20 working days, and 5-9 working days for Express Delivery.

For US districts, our Standard Delivery may cost shorter in 10-15 working days and Express Delivery in only 3-7 working days, even Faster! (depending on the districts).

Normally your parcel should have been shipped out to our delivery company already and awaiting to exported at customs now, please kindly send me your order number by email to, we'll check for you right now and get back to you with the latest info today, and also promise a faster response in the followed business cooperation.

Truly apologize for our oversight again.

3 maart 2021

I added JetPrint, because of the pricing and the great variety of products. I ordered five items to test the quality and see how the shipping times worked, since they were coming from China. I placed the order on Jan 02. I received three of my items within 30 days. The Stand Collar Zipper Hoodie was defective, it had the colored marking from the selvedge edge, sewn along the zipper chest high. This is not easily hidden when it does not match the print and color of the fabric. How does quality control miss something so obvious? Then the Casual Sandals I ordered had not arrived by Feb 08. I reached out to customer care twice with no resolution. I finally received the sandals on Feb 17 and have not resolved the jacket issue. This is not something I want to have to deal with, with my customers. Word of mouth and repeat customers are important to my business. I understand long lead times and I am upfront with that information in my shipping, but I placed an order for five items and 40% of the order had issues, I can’t afford to lose 40% of my customers.

Mommy and Me Printing
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11 april 2022

They have not sent out products that I paid for a month ago and did severe damage to my reputation as a shop. I've paid for so many undelivered products that Etsy refunded to customers because of delays from this shop and they went silent on me. Half of my customers have received free products because of this place, stay clear of them.

Ethereal M&A
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Bewerkt 23 december 2022

NEW UPDATE: Back to 1 star for JetPrint. It’s Christmas and 5 blankets arrived too small (ordered 60x80”, came 57”x77”, 3 “ shorter in length and width than usual) AND the designs were squished in from the sides, very clearly evident with circular images looking drastically oval. I provided photos and videos of the warped designs and size error and I’m being told the designs are “normal”, that the errors are “not the fault of the factory”, and that they “can’t be remade”. Even with side-by-side images of the warped blankets and the original blanket design. Absolutely unacceptable.

UPDATE: I am updating my review from a 1 to a 3 as JetPrint has finally responded and is issuing replacement blankets for those that arrived in the wrong size. Jennifer was kind and courteous and, though it was a delayed response, she was helpful. Will update my review again once the replacement items are received in good order. Original Review: Customer service is obviously not a priority for JetPrint. I've ordered multiples of the XL fleece blanket ((78.7 x 59.1 inches) and they are arriving in the Youth size (55.1 x 43.3 inches). I have attempted to contact JetPrint twice and have not heard back. My customers have paid for these items and are requesting replacements and/or their money back. I can't offer them either of these until JetPrint refunds the orders or informs me they are replacing the items with the correct size.

Margherita Abitino | Fandom & Fantasy Creations
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20 januari 2019

I have had multiple products not arrive to my customers. I am sick of having to refund items cause of this company's incompetence. I'm losing money solely due to this app. Also, it takes forever to get a reply from them, and when they email you back, chrome flags their emails/files as being harmful.

I'm over it.

Helicity Designs
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Bewerkt 18 februari 2022

awful. no response. no refund. no products. had to refund customer and had to call credit co. to dispute purchase for items not received.
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13 december 2020

Honestly, we gave it a try, they shipped out 1 product and my customer got it dirty... and with ink and stains. They offered a refund, but never heard from them again...

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JetPrint Fulfillment heeft geantwoord 13 december 2020

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by our delay. Due to the surge in orders before Christmas, the financial department’s processing of orders requiring refunds was a little slower than usual. We have already made the refund, it'll appear on your account in 1-3 days at most. We promise will pay more attention to rapid response and demand processing in the following services.

Bewerkt 11 augustus 2019

Currently unsatisfied with this app. I ordered two watches. One arrived defective (metal came apart). I contacted customer support on August 5th. It's August 11 today and i have not heard back. Very disappointed. Will update if things change.

Madison Avenue Times
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22 maart 2021

Does not ship to my home town where most of customers are. Cant even get a representative to write or email me back. Bad for my business because me trusting this app is a bad reflection of me. I’m beyond disappointed at how unprofessional and inconsiderate my first experience has been treated for me and as so for my customers.

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