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Virtual try-on for jewelry


有關 Jewelfie

Why Jewelfie?

Lack of familiar in-store experience is one of the prime reasons of lower online jewelry buying. Customers still prefer trying piece of jewelry, being able to consult with sellers, getting feedback on how jewelry ‘looks’ on them before they make purchase. Jewelfie is an innovative way of creating the same experience in your online stores. With Jewelfie you can get best of store and online environments!

How it works?

Jewelfie app adds a virtual trial room to your online store. It creates ‘try’ buttons next to the ‘buy’ for the digital catalogue. Customers are then directed to Jewelfie app where they can try necklaces, earrings and pendants on their selfies. Customers can create and maintain up to 5 different looks on which they can try jewelry online. Customers can save their images with the jewelry as a ‘Jewelfie’. Ability to compare Jewelfies side-by-side can help customers decide the right product which looks good on them. Customers can return to the buying cart and complete their purchase by clicking on ‘buy’ from the Jewelfie module.

Benefits for jewelers

  • Increased conversion rates from customers who always like to try before they buy

  • Lesser returns from misfits – customers know how the jewelry will look on them

  • Higher customer engagement with features like compare Jewelfies

  • Ability to generate insights from customer trends by looking at 'trial cart' behavior

Benefits to customers

  • Increased confidence to shop online

  • Ability to manage different looks for the Jewelry trial

  • Store trial history for future purchases

  • Ability to download Jewelfie or share it using social network

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