Jewelry Solutions

Jewelry Solutions


B2B jewelry marketplace and experience optimization

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B2B marketplace

Jewelers do more business together, avoid risk through synchronization of verified inventories with thousands of selected products

Advanced layouts

Improve your product and collection pages with advanced options and medias. Convert your catalog into a powerful search engine

Ship with insurance

Automate and insure high-value shipments and order updates. Save money with the most competitive rates offered by UPS/Parcel Pro

Jewelry Solutions 정보

Simple setup, no coding required

Welcome to a complete, simple-to-setup technology tailored to jewelers' needs.

Access a B2B jewelry marketplace, integrate large inventories, provide a friendly experience for your customers, simplify your internal processes, and have your products fully connected to the natives solutions provided by Shopify.

Jewelers will be able to import and manage products, orders, customers, inventory, billing, marketing and reports in one place only, while physical stores will also be able to integrate everything with the Shopify POS.


1. B2B Marketplace and Jewelry Trading Network

Connect to your favorite jewelers and select thousands of products to list in your store. Promote your products to the B2B marketplace. Connect your catalog to social medias and external marketplaces. Clients of Stuller or RapNet are able to easily integrate the inventories into their stores.

2. Jewelry product pages

Provide your customer with a pleasurable playing experience. Dragging and rotating high-resolution media of your products from different angles, directions, and zooms using 360° view spinners with 3D videos to increase sales conversions.

  • 360° view spinners
  • Videos / 3D
  • Multiple images
  • Image zooming
  • Jewelry builder
  • Custom options & pricing

3. Jewelry collection pages

Customize and convert your business into a powerful jewelry search engine and catalog. Enhance your collections and search pages with refined filters, providing your customer with a friendly experience.

  • Support fashion and fine jewelry, diamonds, gemstones and watches
  • 1,000+ options to customize displaying and filtering
  • Custom layouts to blend with your business identity
  • Facebook and Instagram catalog feed ready
  • Google Shopping catalog feed ready

4. Shipping with insurance

UPS/Parcel Pro (in maintenance - US and Canada for now)

Automate the shipping with insurance of your high-value shipments, with packing slip, synchronizing the shipping status with the order while providing branded notifications to your customers, by integrating your UPS/Parcel Pro account.


  • We support any localization, language, and currency.
  • Wholesalers can restrict pages and prices to selected customers.
  • We can offer customizations (contact us for quotes).
  • We are not affiliated to UPS/Parcel Pro, RapNet, Stuller, Quality Gold, Polygon, or Rio Grande.
  • We are a Shopify partner based in San Diego, CA, and working exclusively for the jewelry industry since 2017.


  • Parcel Pro,
  • Stuller,
  • CSV,
  • RapNet,
  • UPS

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  • Sell in the B2B marketplace
  • Stuller and RapNet partial integr.
  • UPS/Parcel Pro integr.
  • Import jewelry by CSV
  • Digital marketing feed



+ 1% commission based on store sales, but limited at $90/month (you will never pay more than $100/month total)

  • Everything from Free Plan
  • Dropship, buy and sell in the B2B marketplace
  • Advanced layouts
  • Advanced filters, medias, pricing
  • Translations

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I am trying to use this app but unfortunately no luck and no support at all. I am still waiting for your reply...

개발자 회신

2021년 9월 11일

Yesterday we received your support email asking: "Would like to know more about your app?" and we have replied it in the same day. Could you please clarify your question? We would like to understand you and provide the best experience possible. Sincerely.

Bennett Jewelry Co.

I am writing this review in hoping to get in contact with this company. I have email multiple times and get meet with a response saying my question is being review. But no actual response. Then when i try again the email gets kicked back to me. I would love to use this product but I am unable to use the company I want to use through them. Can you please contact me so i can know if your product will work with what i need.

개발자 회신

2021년 9월 4일

Tommy, thank you for reaching out. Please check your email and let us know how we can help. We are releasing the new version of the app and the demand has been incredible. We need your support as well. Thanks for your understanding.


Robert is amazing, I was extremely stressed out and trying to understand how to make this work with my website and he was very professional and continued to help me step by step. Answered all my questions which is amazing. Thank you again Robert!

개발자 회신

2021년 8월 17일

Thank you! We apologize again for the delay. We are really overwhelmed with the demand and with the new release of the app. Reach us at anytime. :-)