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Carolina Corrodi

I downloaded this app when Mailchimp was not available anymore and it works better! I love it and its very easy to use, and the staff is very helpful and they always solve our doubts or problems very fast. I really recommend it.

Cimi Bikini

This app is very easy to use. It is very good with sending automatic emails and and has helped a lot with our cart abandonment. A jilt team member is always on hand ready to help you with anything you need! Definitely Recommend.


This up is easy to work with and has all the tools you need, easy to setup for abandoned checkouts, or to send emails to customers that subscribes to your newsletter. Great app!

Excel Blades

We use the jilt app for pop-ups to have people sign up for our newsletter as well as for email marketing, abandon carts, and much more. They have done a great job helping us make the necessary changes when moving over from mailchimp to jilt. There are some things that I wish I could change however, all in all the staff is extremely helpful and when emailed they typically answer back within a day. I would definitely recommend this app.

Sophie Jane

Jilt is easy to use backed up with a great team of people who are quick to answer your questions and resolve an issues.

Black Ivy Lingerie

The rubbish app doesn't net an ROI. Even better is they state they will charge you one fee then charge another. Best to just stick with manual import/export into Mailchimp. At least they charge a consistent rate for a far superior product

Clik-Clik Systems Inc.

I don't like leaving bad reviews, because, we are all here to run companies. But I am sorry, this was a big waste of time ( nearly 8 hours).

1) Uploading lists is tedious- Jilt has to do it for you which is slow, cumbersome ( took them 2-3 days to do this)
2) Editing your list- Very buggy, it took 2-3 hours to clean up a list through Jilt, there is no "view X records per page" no "box selecting" so you have to do change records "ad hoc", when you remove a contact it "shuffles" the contacts so you lose the page you are on
3) Preview and Test Email doesn't work- I sent to several "test' emails to no avail, either the software is buggy, the server is slow, its being caught instantly in Spam filter etc
4) The email template Text Box is inadequate- If you are doing a heavy text in your email its looks choppy
5) Mergetags- This could just be my inadequate knowledge here, but the Mergetags seem buggy. For instance, matching record information with their recommended merge tag formular " {{ Customer. id etc }} does not work. It only worked for First Name. So something is likely wrong with their programming here OR they need to have an easier way to use Mergtags
- Perhaps just preload several ( commonly used) mergetags?
6) Customer service is way to slow- I get that you are likely a small team etc, however, how do you expect to onboard customers effectively and particularly when you are in Beta for 25% of your progam, you cannot expect customers to just figure it out

There is lots of potential with the program. I like how they make it really easy for shops to automate processes, drips and send out highly customized e-commerce emails.

But it seems this is not a MailChimp alternative for regular emails blasts. This App is essentially a shop email program.

Developer reply

June 20, 2019

Thanks so much for your feedback - we're really sorry for these problems, and for the extra time it cost you to get things working properly. We've reached out directly to respond to these issues, but also wanted to leave some updates here, too.

1) We agree that the current process of getting in touch with support for uploading contacts isn't ideal! It looks like we imported your contact list within the same business day, but I'm so sorry for not meeting your expectations here. We're actively working on adding a contact import functionality to the Jilt app, which should be available in the next few weeks.

2) Our list management tool is still in beta, so we really appreciate feedback like this which can help us improve. We've shared your specific feedback with our product team so we can be sure to address these issues going forward.

3) We do occasionally see issues with test emails ending up in spam/junk folders. While we can't control how every email client identifies spam emails, we do offer the ability to send from your own email domain! This improves deliverability across email clients, which would likely resolve this problem.

4) The email editor is another area where we're working hard to improve! Our product team is currently evaluating different options for how to upgrade our email editor.

5) The {{ customer.id }} tag brings in an ID that is added to customers synced from your Shopify store. It looks like for your shop, there are only 125 customer records with this ID and 736 customers without it. We'd recommend using a different merge tag in this case, since most of your customers won't have a value for that tag. You could handle this by using a default value {{ customer.id | default: 'text-here' }} , but you might be better off using a different merge tag, such as for first name.

6) We've seen an increase in support volume recently, and it's certainly slowed us down. We're currently growing our customer service team and are expecting to nearly double in size in the next month, so you should see major improvements in our response time soon.

Thanks again for leaving your feedback here! Since so many of our responses are "we're working on it!", we've also offered you an extension on your free trial. We hope you'll give Jilt another chance, but if not, we wish you the best of luck in your business.

Authenis Clothing

Surprisingly good! We are focusing hard on customer retention as we move a lot of our sales online and off of other platforms and Jilt is pretty easy to set-up. Now that we have it up and running - I'm excited to see the results!

Developer reply

June 5, 2019

Thanks so much for your review! We're here to help if you have any questions 😃

Regency Spices

Waited around for 2 days, after about 4 different messages many hours apart on their chat. No reply, nobody even reads the chat.

All I asked was for them to continue the migration from mailchimp specified on their description as a selling point and following the exact steps of their tutorial (invite them as an admin, and let them finish the migration).

Really clueless why someone needs to wait around so long for the most basic of things when you're paying for each day.

If this is how slow the service is for someone new to the app, I dread to think of how slow the service will be for once they have you locked in.

Developer reply

June 4, 2019

We're so sorry for our delay in replying to your message from Sunday, this is not the sort of experience we want you to have when using Jilt. We've been experiencing an increase in support conversations with Mailchimp's departure from the Shopify app store. We should be back to normal response times soon and are already in the process of adding more members to our team to help with this.

We reached out separately to offer assistance with migrating your campaigns and contacts to Jilt. We've love to help with your email marketing going forward and hope we can lend a hand with getting everything arranged for you :)

Ninja Brand Inc

So far it seemed great until about 10 different attempts to add a tag to customers didn't work. That pretty much wipes out 90% of the reason for going with this app.

I asked support and received one email which helped show how to do reviews, but I never heard back for any of my other questions.

Lastly, the actual formatting available in the emails is pretty inadequate. You can type a line of text and adjust the font size, but that's pretty much it. No vertical or horizontal alignment, color, or the other things that you think you'd be able to do. Image sizing/adjustment and other things you'd expect are also not there. Cmon, give me the basics!!!

I really really really wanted to love this app, but if I can't make a great looking email, and I can't use add tags and build lists based on that, then I'm pretty much dead in the water.

Fix these things and I'm on board!

Developer reply

May 28, 2019

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave your feedback. Our goal at Jilt is for every customer to have a 5-star experience and it sounds like we fell short of the mark here -- We're very sorry for that!

We've reached out directly to address your concerns and we wanted to leave a few updates here as well.

For adding customer tags, our team reviewed the feature and found that while it's functional we could improve the interface to provide in-app feedback for certain user actions. We issued an update yesterday to address this and we'd be happy to help tag your contact records accordingly.

There are various layout and text styles available in Jilt and you can see the drag-and-drop editor in action in this video: https://skyverge.wistia.com/medias/7umipdn1qa. For instance, our editor provides alignment options, a color selector, and a selection of web safe fonts to choose from. Plus normal, bold, and italic options depending on the selected font.

We agree that other features will improve the editing experience and provide more creative control. Your feedback here is very appreciated as it helps us identify which features are a priority for our customers. While a couple of these options are not yet available in the editor, like image block resizing and vertical alignment, our support team is adept at customizing the HTML of your emails to ensure the final layout meets your needs and we'd like to offer our help here.

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